Failing Foundation?

I’m writing this post on my phone while at the library, so it won’t have any links in it. I am having a very uneasy feeling that makes me feel like I am drifting through life today. I walked across campus this afternoon after teaching and was reading Rubin’s Better Than Before. The strategy for habit forming that I was reading about is Foundations. Rubin identifies 4 things that people use as foundational habits. Being successful in one of these foundations trickles over to other areas.

So, I think I am having a minor panic attack because it’s the day before my birthday and I am feeling very foundationally unsound. I am not sure why or which area I need to focus my attention on to stop this feeling, but it is rocking me from the inside out….

So, I’m turning it over to you today:

Which foundation are you strongest in?

1. Sleep

2. Move

3. Eat/Drink

4. Clutter Management

Which one do you need to/want to change your habits in?

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