National Drink A Beer Day!

Yesterday was my birthday and today I’m writing more about Rubin’s Better Than Before book….specifically about scheduling. I’ve written a lot of posts about being an Obliger and this particular part of the book hit me hard as an Obliger. I realize, and fully admit, that I’m terrible at keeping to a schedule that I set for myself. This is probably why a lot of my behavior change strategies do not work….they’re not tied to others.

Originally I was going to write my post yesterday about all of the things I found on However, now I feel like that fits better here. Yesterday was my birthday, but it was also National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. Thank goodness I went for my walk/run with T! This month is Self-Improvement Month (go figure), Whole Grains Month (eating quinoa for dinner), and Mushroom Month (HAHAHAHAHA! I’m allergic!). This week is Active Aging Week (whatever that means) and Health Info Tech Week (I’m not tech savvy).

I wish I had one of those calendars that told me of all the special days without me having to look it up. I also wish that I had someone to schedule me so that I was more accountable to someone else when I failed to do something. Scheduling goes hand in hand with tracking for me. And so, I am going to think about how to best schedule the four foundations and how to track them so that I can be more on top of being me. I have a lot of little things that I want to do….incrementally (see small steps). Look for that list tomorrow.

But for now, today is National Drink a Beer Day and I will celebrate my first full day at 37 by observing this holiday on my “calendar“!

How do you schedule your time?

Do you follow what you put on the calendar?

More scheduling for yourself or others in your life?

Thanks Amanda for a space to share!

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