Workout Wednesday #13 – Yoga Angles

Welcome back….it’s been awhile! Part of my new habits formation is to get into the habit of filming the WOW videos on Tuesday (in the studio….and hopefully with better sound in the future) so that I will have time on Wednesdays to post them.

This week we’re back to YOGA! And I present to you a short video on Triangle and Side Angle poses and some variations and uses of the block with the pose. Next week’s video will focus on Non-Standing Strength poses….mostly back bends to alleviate the stresses of sitting all day.

My word of the day for today is BELIEVE! I believe that you can all find at least one version of these poses that serves your purpose in practice. There are also variations of the pose seated in a chair. Enjoy your day and come back tomorrow for the conclusion of Better Than Before!

While I am a fitness professional with multiple degrees and certifications, this workout is unsolicited, un-sponsored, and not intended as advice for you to use to diagnose your own injuries, treat them, nor rehab anything; nor is it an exercise prescription that will meet your personal needs, likes, and abilities. Please check in with your healthcare professional if you’re having health problems and before starting any new exercise routine.

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