Happy Halloween!

This would be a fancier post if I weren’t sitting in my car, waiting for my youngest to be done with preschool for the day.  But it is what it is….

Today has been a relatively great day so far. I taught all three of my classes in a Halloween themed boot camp Outdoors. We used medicine balls instead of pumpkins, as pumpkins often get smashed during this type of activity. And my word of the day today is play. Play is an amazing word to fall on Halloween!

Play reminds me that not everything has to be perfect; that life should be fun. And it reminds me not to take myself so seriously. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of making sure that everything is just right with yourself, your work, school, your children, and your relationships. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s just right when you’re having fun and smiling! This is what play reminds me of today.

Tonight we’re going to eat hot dogs and macaroni and cheese and probably a ton of candy. This doesn’t align at all with how I want to be eating, but it’s part of the celebration that we’ve done the last few years with friends. Celebrating is part of play. Play is part of life and happiness. And friendship is definitely happiness in my book!

My kids are going to be a dragon and Batman for Halloween. I look forward to seeing my youngest’s homemade costume and my oldest son in a store-bought costume that is almost too small for him. It’s not perfect, but they will have fun and they will play and they will be loud and they will be happy. We will all wander around from house to house in the dark and probably a little bit of chill. There will be kids that fall down during the process, candy that is spilled and Lost, chocolate fingers that will probably touch the furniture, but throughout it all we will be together. We will be having fun. And my heart will be at Play.

I’ve been considering lately, whether or not to make the word of the day the word of the week. As this is the last day of the month, I plan to extend my play throughout the next few days. I plan to use Tuesday’s not just to write about my word of the day, but as the jumping-off point for embracing that word. I’m still looking for more words, so feel free to leave yours in the comments below. But for this week… Play is the agenda!

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