Pausing Life

I’ve been silent on the blog this week…..because I need to take a break. I needed a break in order to work on my habit of dealing with my schedule and staying on top of things that I need to do. While I would love to place the blog on the list of things I need to do….it’s a privilege I have to be able to work around most of my life and still write here. This week has taught me a lot about privilege.

I am privileged to have such great jobs that allow me the flexibility to be with my children most of the time. My jobs pay well and support my desire to remain active and engaged with others in the fitness industry. My jobs encourage me to practice yoga, to run, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am privileged to be able to be so active physically. I chose not to run on Monday or to do Sun Saluations on either Monday or Tuesday due to other things I had going on. Wednesday I had a minor surgery that is now limiting my activity. At first I was super upset about this and bummed and annoyed. Then I realized how lucky I am to be as fit and healthy as I am. I am privileged to afford healthcare for my minor surgery and that recovery will not limit me forever.

This next week is Thanksgiving and that’s a time to take pause in our lives and realize that there’s probably more that we should be thankful for than we give credit to. I am glad that my life has afforded me this opportunity to take pause from exercise and the blog and to evaluate priorities and privilege.

I’ll be back at it Monday….hope to see you then!


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