Meditation Monday #52 – My 108 Sun Salutations

Welcome to March!

I’ve been sitting on this post for awhile now….unsure of what all to write and which day to post it under. I’ve got a lot to write about this week and so I thought I’d start here with some yoga. Last fall I started building up to performing 108 consecutive Sun Salutations. Don’t know what a Sun Salutation is? Check out my post about how I do mine here.

I was interrupted in my progress many times by soreness, laziness, and eventually the surgery on my leg. My leg didn’t heal quite right and what was supposed to be a few days recovery turned into several weeks. However, some time over Christmas break my neighbor texted me and asked about the project…..WOAH! MOTIVATION!

I never realized how much of an Obliger I truly was until that moment. So, I started up again….simply because she asked about it. I was doing it differently this time around. The first time I tried for every day and adding 2 more rounds. The second time I shot for every other day and adding 5 more rounds. Again I found myself with lack of motivation…..mostly because my students that I currently teach are not yoga students and no one around me was keeping me accountable.

I wasn’t writing on the blog and this also seemed to keep me from moving forward as much as I could. I had major breaks in there….I would skip a whole week or rationalize that because I was doing this; I didn’t have to do that. I learned that, sometimes, even for me, writing it down on the calendar didn’t mean a thing. But, eventually I found myself at 65 rounds. My body hurt; mostly my shoulders. So, when 70 approached I chose to do it BROKEN.

I debated writing about this on a Workout Wednesday post and talking about part-to-whole training. I decided to save that for a different week. I did 7 sets of 10 Sun Salutations because I had started with 10 in the first place and I knew that I could just keep counting to 10 and make it. I took short breaks between them. Then, I did 5 sets of 15 to make 75 in my hotel room in New York. I did 4 sets of 20 to make 80 the next day while the PT students took their exam because I felt I was behind. One day I did three sets of 25 and a set of 10, with the laundry; alternating folding with rounds. I built up, 3 sets of 30 at night to make 90.

On Saturday, February 24th I went for 2 sets of 35 and a set of 25 to make 95. I had planned to finish on the last day of February. But, something happened that night. I started doing my Sun Salutations and thinking. I got into this meditative trance as I went. I started thinking about all of the things I haven’t finished. I started feeling sad and weak, but stronger with each round. I eventually found myself at number 55 and decided to take a break for water and to stretch my shoulder that was now screaming at me.

I got back on the mat after a few minutes and started again….only 40 more I told myself. But, as I neared number 95 I realized that I have the power to choose how many I do. I had my race coming up the week after. I wanted to be in true taper. There was nothing stopping me from doing those last 13. So, I powered on. I told myself, I am strong enough to complete these. I am strong enough to do a lot of hard things. I am not weak of mind, of body, or of soul. My heart pushed on both physically and emotionally.

When I completed the 108th Sun Salutation (although not completely consecutive) I bowed in reverence and told myself Namaste. I felt whole and wholly lifted. I was at peace and proud. I was yoga.

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