Race Report – Rumba on the Lumber 10K

I’m not quite ready for another Workout Wednesday post just yet, and I’m not even sure if posting is going to get back to regular, but before I forget to post about another important event in my life….let me tell you about the race I just did on Saturday: Rumba on the Lumber 10K.After September’s success at the Applefest 8K, my running buddy and I decided to tackle the 10K distance. I let her choose from some races close by and this one boasted a flat course and fun activities to follow. Plus, it was close enough that she and her family could drive up that morning and I and mine stayed overnight so we’d have a place to shower after the run.


The best laid plans are always a disaster. Cold weather, lack of motivation, personal issues, and surgery on my leg caused many delays to the progress of our runs. The worst was probably most recent in which my shoes started causing serious calf cramps and my feet to fall asleep. It was a struggle to decide what was going to happen on race day with shoes etc.

Because this course was supposed to be flat, I wasn’t as concerned about hill training, but still wanted to up the speed we’d been working with. We did a lot of trips to the track at UNCW and ran fast/slow 200’s. The original goal was to do them consecutively, but they don’t allow strollers on the track. So, we had to improvise. Sometimes we alternated every other one and sometimes we’d do a string of them and alternate back and forth.

Long runs were also a problem because of the cold and T’s new job as a nanny. She had to be home from a run by a certain time each day to meet up with the other kiddo. We don’t have two double jogging strollers, so we were limited by time until we got faster. Because of the darkness at night, we couldn’t really plan evening long runs. And because of the cold, sometimes runs were cut short so that kids didn’t freeze in strollers.

Another favorite run came back toward the end of our training: Mile Repeaters. You can read about my best day with those here and how I’m still very much an Obliger when it comes to training.

Goals for Race Day

Last fall my brother was supposed to do a 10K event. I planned to aim my goal time off of beating his time…..however, he never ran it. So, as race day approached I was scrambling……what would my time be? I texted my other brother and asked what his best 10K time was; he had no idea. I couldn’t remember any of my own 10K times and figured they were all too slow now anyway, so I just kind of guesstimated based on what we’d done in training.

  1. Cross the finish line (because I’d had some bad runs recently due to shoe issues)
  2. Be under or at 1 hour


Race Day is Upon US!

The night before the race we ate at Ruby Tuesday close to our hotel. I don’t remember the salad bar being as disgusting as I found it that night. There were no more mini burgers on the menu. I was overall disappointed at my pre-race selection.

All night I tossed and turned with two kids in my queen bed in a room that was FREEZING because my hubby turned down the a/c in MARCH! I woke up first at 430am and again at 545am and finally somewhere around 659am. Each time I was afraid that it was 10am and the race was over.

I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs for hotel breakfast…..another disappointing venture. The breakfast was well picked over and not being restocked. I settled on a biscuit and a fried egg; hoping it wouldn’t sit like a brick in my stomach later, but that the extra calories would keep me warm on a windy morning. Not the food I usually gravitate toward, but something told me it was my safest bet this morning.

T and her family showed up at the hotel around 815am and my family opted to stay back at the hotel for the race. The five of us loaded and and went over to the race….in the WIND! Oh, all I could think was, “Please stop being windy!” On Friday we’d run a mile to get ourselves ready for the race and had hit wind with jogging strollers. T looked like she was blown backward….this didn’t bode well for race day.

We’re Off!

We checked in and did the port-o-potty thing….decided how many layers we wanted….tried to stay in the sun between buildings that would block the wind….took our pre-race photo….and then went to the line to survey our competition. After the saddest starting sound we ran.

One thing I had decided to do was to wear a really old pair of Nike Waffle Zoom racing flats that I’d had since high school…..this was not necessarily a big mistake, but it was different for sure. In fact, I felt super fast at the start of the race and worried that I wouldn’t be able to maintain it. I chose, intentionally, to hold back a little. I tried to remember that some of the people passing me were 5K runners…..let them have their glory of their shorter run!

T wasn’t with me much from the start. I started surveying people as they went by: 5K or 10K? I was trying not to pull too far ahead. At mile 1 I was across in 8:15 and she was the usual 15 seconds behind. I thought she’d catch up soon. I wish I’d hit the splits on my watch, but I didn’t. I just kind of figured them as I went. 8:30ish for mile 2. Still around that to 8:40 for mile 3. I kept losing her a little more and the age-old question came into mind: If you train with someone….do you run with them too?

As I passed volunteers and police officers I asked them to encourage her to catch me. At the half way point her family was waiting and I gladly tossed my gloves and headband; it was warming up and I told them too to have her catch me. By mile 4 I knew she wasn’t coming closer, but if I could keep her going we’d hit a great time….both of us. I kept setting up cheerleaders for her, yelling out the miles, and

The arms are on the way down – I’m DONE!

kept a loose eye on where she was.

As we went past mile 5 I knew we were under 9:00/mi pace and it wouldn’t kill me mentally to back off and let her catch up….she was less than a minute behind me. My feet had started to blister any way. So, we went together toward the finish line during the last half a mile. I felt the rush of energy still in me and I pushed as hard as I could across the line, throwing my hands up in my usual surrendering fashion.


The Results are In…

I clocked my time in at 55:16 and the official time was faster (because it takes time to bring your arms back down and push a button). I made it under an hour and under 9:00/mi for this race. Could I have gone faster? Probably, but that’s for another race to come. I am so happy that we again finished “together”. This time I

Instead of medals or trophies, they gave out prints from a local artist that were also on the race shirt

won first in my age group and T got second. My feet were so sore and blistered that Monday’s recovery run was painful. My legs are still talking to me today and I’ll do another short run tomorrow and one on Friday. Next week starts the real training…..

Back to Oktoberfest

Because September is our next race….the 15K that I didn’t conquer a few years ago. Adding another 3.1 miles over this summer will be tough, but we’re up to the challenge!


What’s your best 10K time?

How do you set goal times?

Do you always finish with your training partner?

Ever done a 15K?

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