Turn the Light Off…

It’s been 125 days since I posted on my blog. Life has been crazy chaotic and I wasn’t sure how to manage it all. However, there’s been so much good as well and I want to just write and write and write until the keys pop off of my laptop.

First off, I am reading another Gretchen Rubin book…..Happier at Home. Her number one rule is: Be Gretchen; and today’s post is going to be about the one truth I’ve learned lately…a rule I need to follow.

I am always feeling exhausted….as are most of you, probably. It is easy to set an alarm in the morning to get up, but it’s just as easy to shut that alarm off. We can make excuses for not getting up, but what is your real excuse? That you’re tired? Well, it often has something to do with when and how you go to bed at night.

Lately I’ve had one rule when I get into bed….Turn Off the Light! Because if I don’t I will make time to read, to watch tv, to check things I don’t need to check on my phone, and basically do anything other than sleep. My bedtime is pretty close to 10pm these days because I want to maintain something of a normal schedule over the summer months. I still only get up at 6am one day a week and struggle with 630am the rest of the week. However, shutting off the light and telling myself to go to bed has been the best trick I’ve learned so far to keep me on track.

Want lesson #2 of the summer? Come back tomorrow to learn about my STREAK!

What do you do to fall asleep each night?

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