TOLT #75 – The Daily 10

So, remember way back when I did the Sun Salutation Challenge? I wondered what would happen to my yoga after it ended….and I found out.

Well, I stopped doing my yoga and it has cost me dearly! Last summer I killed it at running for A LOT of the summer. This summer, not so much….what’s the difference? Well, firstly is that last summer I was coming off of a great semester of teaching yoga, I was teaching yoga twice a week in the early mornings, and I was teaching Summer I and Summer II yoga. I was mad about yoga at the time and I knew that the fall semester would change my activities.

One year later I am not doing hardly any yoga. I have found that I have somewhat abandoned it because I’m not being asked to teach it and I haven’t surrounded myself with a yoga crowd. A couple of Sundays ago I recognized the need to go to a yoga class. However, by the time I looked up all of the ones I could afford….they were over for the day or there was only HOT yoga left and that’s not my jam. I had been doing what I called “The Daily 10” for a whole week at that point. It was just 10 sun salutations in the morning to get my day started and it had been making me feel great. The only problem that Sunday was that I was staying at a friend’s house and it made me feel self-conscious.

How weird for a yoga instructor to feel self-conscious to get up and do their yoga?! But, it was a for real feeling. I tried to sub my practice with the yoga class and then just gave up that streak that day. The next morning, still at my friend’s house, I again couldn’t get myself into the groove to do my Daily 10…..and I haven’t been back since. I know a few things about my yoga practice:

  • It makes me feel better and centered for the day ahead
  • It helps me perform physically in all areas of my life
  • It leads to me spending more time meditating and contemplating life
  • It calms me and leads me to be less tense and/or angry for the day
  • I have a hard time maintaining it without help

So, as I move through July I am going to be more diligent about my Daily 10 and streaking it for as long and as often as I can. I am also reaching out to YOU, my yoga community, to help me out a little…..please give your advice in the comments section on how you make a daily yoga practice happen for you.

This is going to be my last “Lesson Post” for a bit. Mostly because I don’t want to start this habit of only writing lesson posts and also because I want to keep focusing on the work I’m doing on me and get back to writing relevant posts to yoga and running and all that jazz.

Hoping to be back with more next week….Namaste.

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