Reacquainting Myself with Regular Yoga Practice

Can you believe it’s almost Fall? Where did Summer go?!

I start teaching yoga again one week from today, so I’m in preparation/panic mode this week. But, not totally panic mode because (ever the planner) I started preparing myself for teaching yoga again two weeks ago. I started by trying to schedule daily breathing time. Breathing has been the thing that has fallen to the wayside the most for me and has impacted my run training. I need to remember that Pranayama literally means “Expansion of the life force” and therefore I need to breathe to live.

So, I started with some basic awareness breathing exercises like the ones in my first video

I tried to focus my breath more in Dirga Pranayama

And then I went on to include the Breath of Joy

I started to find my breathing to be more full and consistent. I didn’t feel as constricted after just one week of trying to focus on the breath. My running even started to improve again and so did tension in the rest of my life. I could BREATHE so I could live.

In my classes at CFCC I start the same way….teaching breathing first. I teach breathing because it’s something we all do, although unconsciously for most. It’s the easiest way for me to convey yoga practice to non-practitioners in the beginning. From there I move them to Awakening Exercises (which is what I added last week)

because it pairs the breath to the movement. I wasn’t able to hit them every day because of time spent with my new niece (newborns make sleep a little difficult). For me the Awakening Exercises are helping with my running because they’re giving me a direct focus for “warm-up” before runs. The only problem is that creating a disciplined yoga practice takes time. I have found that this series of run training has taken up so much more time than usual because of the distance I am training for and the goals I have in mind.

Time is something that is hard to control in many ways. I can set a schedule and use my planner, but I can’t control others. So, I’m getting up earlier each day in preparation for the school year that’s coming. Early in the morning when no one else is up, I have time that is uninterrupted.

This week I add Sun Salutations to my practice (just two each day)

I may not be hitting daily practice yet, but it’s helping me to reestablish my connection to yoga a little bit at a time. I look forward to sharing more of my new yoga journey this fall with you each Monday after teaching…..bit by tiny bit.

What is your approach to managing time?

What is something you’re trying new this fall?

What does your yoga practice look like daily?

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