How We Live Our Yoga

So, I’m reading this book called How We Live Our Yoga which is edited by Valerie Jeremijenko. I picked it up a few weeks ago because it’s been on my reading list at the library for some time now. But, honestly it’s not been that enjoyable. The stories are supposed to be about teacher and practioners’ journey into yoga, but they haven’t been inspiring to me. I haven’t learned anything. So, I didn’t bother saving this book for a Fave Reads Friday post. I’m tempted to give it up altogether, but I’ve only got 70 pages left. So, I will finish it out.

Today was my first yoga class in awhile. I’m back at CFCC and sooooo entirely thrilled about it! I had a few bumps in the road today because I haven’t been there in a year and I forgot to do a few things in prep for the semester. There was the usual cleaning up of the storage closet (aka moving Brazilian Ju Jitsu Club’s stuff out of my way), setting up mats (forgot the cleaning wipes and am missing mats and and blocks), and the awkward quiet as students filter in to my insanely warm room (either I sweat a lot more now or it’s just that I forgot to put in the work order for the temp to be low). But I got through two classes and I had a few smiles by the time everyone left.

It has been helpful in my mind to have been practicing almost daily again. In addition to the stuff I’d been working on in the last couple of weeks (read about that here), I got up at 6am today and added a couple of strength poses: Warrior I and Warrior II. You can watch me do some of them here:

I feel a little out of shape doing them right now, but part of that is because of the terrible pain I am suffering in my legs due to my running shoes being WORN OUT! I have logged almost 300 miles on them and that doesn’t account for wearing them around before or after runs. The shin splints have become unbearable and I will be going out and buying new shoes this afternoon.

But, back to the yoga and teaching…..

Not long ago I wrote about Defining Oneself. Today, when I asked my students to introduce themselves I asked them to give me their preferred name, why they signed up for my class (some of them it was the one credit they needed to be full time, others it was because they’ve always wanted to learn yoga), and to choose one word or role that defined them. They were welcome to share more about themselves than that if they wanted, but I wanted to know who they wanted to be recognized as. For me, that word is Athlete. Right now I want to feel strong and accomplished and like my training is mattering for something in life. I want to define myself with that word instead of a lot of others. Another word I would use is Yogi and Teacher and I’m still fond of calling myself a Girl instead of a Woman…..I don’t know why. I think it has something to do with the fact that I still feel Youthful and Energetic and Fun. Although that kind of makes the word Woman seem like something negative and that’s definitely not my intention.

Here’s a word cloud I created for who my students are:

I made this on

I plan to try this again with my students at UNCW this Thursday. I put all the words together for my two classes today because they’re both yoga classes. My three classes on Thursday are all different subjects. I thought it was neat that in both of my classes I had someone choose “Friendly” and “Motivated”. I also like the titles like “Self-Made-Philosophy-Enthusiast” and “Comedian”. I feel like these are the people who know who they are and where they are going in life. I wonder what I would’ve chosen when I was in college?

What do you think the words my students have chosen say about what my semester will be like with them?

What are they telling me about who they expect to be in yoga class?


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