Wellness Wednesday – Starting a New Series

I wanted to write about something else today, but I’ve been putting this off for some time now and I need to get my act together. If I want to start something, I should do it now. So, here we go with Wellness Wednesdays. I don’t know that I will post every Wednesday, but I think in saying that I’ve also given myself an out. If I say I will post every Wednesday I have set myself up for failure. Either way, the Obliger in me is worried about commitments to others and what taking the time to write on the blog does for that.

The thing is that I tried to make my 2018 the Year of Wellness because I NEED IT! I teach it and I need it more than anyone else knows. Including today there are 14 Wednesdays left in this year. There are 12 Dimensions of Wellness, so I plan to try and tackle a little of something each week from now through December 26th. But what to cover? I plan to write about three things….consider this my “writer’s statement”:

  1. What is the dimension
  2. Why it’s important
  3. What it means to me

I need to write. It’s one of many things that makes me happy and whole in life. (see next week about why I run) I need to feel whole right now and ditching the blog has been part of what made me feel empty. I hope to find some connection through this blog with you and I hope that this wellness journey can help you to start one of your own.

Until next week….Be Well.

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