Wellness Wednesday #5 – Food for Thought

Last week I was only able to crank out a Wellness Wednesday post on the topic of Sensing. I had hoped to also sneak in a Meditation Monday post and a Fave Reads Friday about a book I’m reading….and then I didn’t even write a travel post about my time in Sheboygan! Isn’t that just fun to say? Sheboygan. Try it. Anyway…..Six inches of snow and below freezing temps and now, here we are again at Wednesday and it’s time to talk about EATING….Juicing, and Candy, and Wine Braised Beef Sheppard’s Pie, OH MY!

Some of my first posts on this blog included references to food. Food is everywhere and when we approach a dimension of wellness on eating, everyone assumes that the food is all that we’re talking about. However, Eating as a dimension of wellness is only a little about the food you choose to eat. Remember that each dimension interacts in some way with the other 11 dimensions. So, while the food you eat is important, it’s not the only aspect of eating to be concerned with.

A Mental Meal in 3 Courses

Let’s start with the food. If you’ve read my blog at all you know that I am not so restrictive in my eating habits that I cut out whole food groups…..unless you count my attempts at cutting back on dairy. I am not about to get rid of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. And notice that I labeled them without listing the dreaded “CARBS!” I think that sometimes people are more afraid of that word than fats. I have written pieces about eating with the seasons and about the education I receive constantly about what our food is made of and where it comes from. I write blog posts about what I eat when I travel and foods that I make or even create at home. We’re kind of on an afternoon smoothie kick at our house right now. I throw a banana, half an avocado, some frozen berries, some oatmeal, and a ton of almond milk into the food processor and press play until we can drink it down.  Would I rather eat like this always. Of course I would. However, it’s also Girl Scout cookie season, my son’s birthday is approaching, and there’s always a holiday that calls for us munching on cake or cookies or candies. I’ve cut back on meat for my own health and that of the environment, but also by personal preference.

And that brings me to the next part of eating: the awareness component. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve referenced Mindful Eating….it’s really starting to get ridiculous and I’ve even considered renaming the blog a few times because of it. It was even tied into last week’s Wellness Wednesday post! It’s all about a connection to your food and knowing what you like and how much you actually want to eat of it. If your senses are not engaged when you are eating….you’d better believe that your emotions will be after you’re done. Most of us will suffer major shame and guilt and anger when we find ourselves at the bottom of a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream. For some reason it doesn’t always happen when I run out of baby carrots or apples or something of that nature. However, I do have a video floating around somewhere of my oldest crying because we ran out of avocados….after he housed two whole ones!

Finally, piggy-backing off of the mindfulness aspect of it all…..we tie more into other dimensions of wellness. How does eating impact you and your ability to move, to socialize, to succeed in life in general?


For me and my lifestyle, food is fuel. It fuels our time together as a family during dinner. It’s an opportunity for me to educate my children and pass on values and traditions as we shop and create. Eating is an experience that can be shared universally with strangers and friends a like. It’s also about making sure that I can power through a long day of exercise and teaching. For me, eating is an experience that ENHANCES my other areas of wellness by making sure I’m NOURISHED. When it comes down to the idea of well eating, I feel satisfactorily full in more ways than one.


How have you nourished your wellness today?

What is your relationship with food like?


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