Training Plan Tuesday #3 – February 2019

Welcome to Training Plan Tuesday. Back in the fall of 2016 I started talking about my monthly workout plans. It didn’t take. Now I plan to post something about my monthly workouts each first Tuesday of the month and see if I can’t get something rolling.

One of my favorite bloggers to read (when I remember to do so) is Ashley Dailey over at The Running Rebel. I’ve never met Ashley or had a real conversation with her, but I love reading her posts and following her training. She’s very real and we both share a passion for purple hair (although mine is not in right now and that’s a whole other post). Ashley posts tons of recaps of her weekly workouts and monthly goals. And, while I aspire to be that organized with my blogging, I know that it’s an unrealistic goal for me right now. So, monthly is where we’re at.

In December 2018 I started a new plan for my training. I had gotten out of the swing of things when the Fall Semester had ended and found myself not doing anything fitness related for no particular reason. When I finally got well (it’s been snot season all over this house), I decided to start preparing for Spring Semester with my three at home basics: Yoga, Running, and Pilates. Simple right? Seemed so until Christmas day hit and then I went to Iowa where it was less than 32F daily.

I got back on January 2nd and promptly started training again. Still doing Yoga, Running, Pilates, but now that I was back at work….adding in my Functional Training. I had another great streak until last Thursday the 24th when major allergies and a migraine and birthday party weekend all hit at once. I was totally knocked off my game. Monday I was back in the saddle at work and struggled through teaching, but still ditched my own workout. Tuesday I didn’t even attempt it, but by Wednesday this past week I was needing something! So, I did my current Pilates circuit before I taught, did a little training with my students….and BAM! I’m back at it.

Here’s a little recap of my work in January:

The mileage is a lot lower than last year at this time, but the goals are much different.

So, what does February 2019 look like? Well, this month I’m adding swimming back into the mix. Just as I don’t get that many functional training (GYM WORKOUT) days in because of access to the gym, I won’t have a proportional number of days at the pool, but I’ve decided to double those two days up.  I will be aiming for 4 mile runs each time and will be continuing to use a yoga video with a focus on Hamstrings. Check it out:


I’ve also been using a video for my Pilates practice to improve it and my teaching.

Overall I hope to have more active days than not in February and hope you will either follow me on or check back in on March 5th to see where I’m at then.

What’s your training plan this month?

What hurdles stand in your way?

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