Positive Growth by Becca – Guest Post

Do you know what this blog has been missing? More yoga! I’m going to need more yoga! That’s why today’s post is another student guest post.

Enjoy this journey shared by Becca!

I began my yoga journey in 2014 after finding a Groupon deal online for a month of Bikram yoga.  I told myself that for forty bucks I could improve my body and spirit.  Well, who knew that Bikram yoga was hotter than the surface of the sun? The guy in front of me sweat so much that it became a constant stream and, of course, it became my motivation to give more effort. In that first month I attended class only twice; with my first class more successful than the second. I only say this because I became nauseous and overheated in the second class and have now learned my limits and weak points.

Fast forward to Fall 2018; this is my first official weekly yoga class. My last physical activity class was archery several years ago.  It has been so long since I had an intense cardio workout. Recently I have developed lower joint issues, but first injured my back in high school. It has been a slow downhill trend with my joints and my whole body seems to be effected; from my finger knuckles to my low back, hips, and knees. Taking yoga during Fall semester has introduced the proper, gentle motions to encourage healing of my weak joints.

Although I bought my own yoga mat to practice at home, I have done so less than a dozen times. However,  I view my new knowledge of the poses as priceless. I will continue to use the OGB yoga videos to guide me through my future practices as I leave Yoga 1. My yoga teacher’s peace and love for the practice has promoted positive growth in my mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you Becca!

Have a yoga story you’d like to share?

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