Wellness Wednesday #7 – Changing My Mind

I haven’t been as successful as I had hoped with posting weekly Wellness Wednesday posts, but I feel like I have been better about reflecting upon these elements of wellness. When last we “talked” we were discussing Feelings. Today I chose to combat some of my negative attitudes and emotions toward chiropractors and I went to one to have my shoulder evaluated. If you follow my training on Map My Run you will have seen many posts this past week about my shoulder clicking and popping. I may have an injury, but… the chiro and I have decided on a rehab plan to first tackle the issue and then re-evaluate after a month to see if it’s more serious.

I have always been anti-chiropractic services because, in my mind, they were all about adjustments and popping people. I’m not interested in having someone move my bones around without dealing with the other tissues that are meant to hold them in place. The chiro option for me was best this time because it was what I could afford without insurance. (My insurance didn’t work out this year, so I’m waiting for August 1st to roll around and allow it to kick back in.) I was hesitant about setting up the appointment and even more hesitant about going. However, this particular doctor earned my trust by showing me that he knows more than how to pop someone’s back. The chiropractor I saw today is also a certified Athletic Trainer and to my mind it meant that he knew more about my body and how it was working. It meant that I could put my injury in his hands and not feel like he was there to make it worse.

Changing our mind about something can be an important part of improving our overall wellness. That’s why I want to talk a little more about THINKING as a dimension of well being.

The Waring Left and Right Brains

I would love to say that I am an equal balance of right and left brains, but I know that it’s not true. When I was younger I was 100% left brained. I wanted order and control. I loved science and math and was super Type A.

I remember a time in 5th grade when we had to do a project on the Constitution of America. I had spent hours writing and drawing out this beautiful packet of information (before the time when everyone had a home computer and could insert images at the click of a button). I was so proud of my work, but my sister (who was 5 or 6 at the time) cut the tiniest bit of one corner of one page of the whole 20+ page project. I flipped my lid and threw the whole thing away and took a late on the project instead of turning it in imperfect. WHOA!

Life has changed for me since then and I have had to learn to roll more with the flow of life. Now I enjoy more of my right brain activities while still embracing my left brained nature. I love to do the checkbook at our house because I like playing with numbers, but I also love writing on here. I love to read and to draw and I used to write poetry, but I also desire order in the way that I teach….I like people to follow the rules and follow through.

More Mindfulness

Yoga has definitely helped me to balance the Doing (left) mind and the Being (right) mind. Because mindfulness is a practice of letting go of (while still acknowledging) the past and not getting stuck dwelling on (but still looking forward to) the future, it has pushed me to be more present in my life. When I stop analyzing things, stop judging myself and others, I can practice more metta (loving kindness). When I plan a little less and experience a little more, I can find joy and happiness in more than order and routine.

Balancing Breaths

While Meditation is one of the best ways to practice observing our thoughts, there are other ways to balance the brain and the body. The Nadi Sodhana Pranayama or Alternate-Nostril Breath is one of the best for bringing both sides of the brain into union.

This practice is just one of many ways in which you can calm and recenter the mind and I encourage you to examine your own thought processes. For me, changing my mind about something allowed me to give someone a chance and may mean the difference between health of my shoulder or continued injury.


What thoughts hold you back from being fully present in life?

Are you more right brained or left brained?

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