Another Workshop….Another Lost Voice

Hello from Augusta, Georgia! I’d actually say hello to you, except I have no voice. I am on weekend number 2 of a planned 5 weekend stretch for NETA and I just finished another AMAZINGLY GREAT workshop with some PHENOMENAL participants. Unfortunately, the crazy pollen has attacked again and I am left without a voice going into teaching on Monday.

As I said, I’ve been to two fabulous facilities and I wanted to do a quick shout out to both:

First up, last weekend, I was just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana in the suburb of Fishers. I taught Kettlebell Training on Saturday and Med Ball Power on Sunday. Both workshops were held at Studio Fit’nez and hosted by the impressive Vanessa Gregor. If you’re ever in the area, you need to stop by and get a session with her or any of her wonderful staff!

What do I love about teaching/working with kettlebells? I love the POWER that you feel when swinging the bell. Now, that’s not to say that it’s not a little on the dangerous side….I did partially dislocate my shoulder when prepping for the workshop and I’m pretty sure it’s because I made a mistake in a transfer that I’m not soon to repeat. However, that power and energy seemed to flow right through Vanessa and her group. I was so blown back by their perfection of technique and willingness to try anything I threw at them.

Medicine balls also evoke a sense of strength that you don’t get from all types of studio equipment. The slam, the throw, the versatility of the movement that happens when you have a medicine ball in your hands! It makes me think back to my childhood days in Iowa playing Hoover Ball…..which I later found out is a sport ONLY played in Iowa. It makes me kind of sad that my children will never get to experience (read be killed while playing) the thrill (terror) of playing Hoover Ball in elementary PE. On Med Ball day Vanessa and crew pushed themselves further than they imagined by pairing dumbell, kettlebell, and bar moves with medicine ball moves to increase the power element of basic strength and conditioning lifts. I was awed my one participant in particular. Michelle powered through Saturday and came back just as strong on Sunday. She tried so many plyo exercises I was sure she was about to take flight like the Wonder Woman that she is!

My trip to Indy wasn’t complete without a little snow on Sunday morning…which quickly melted off by noon. I was out early and on my way home to kiss my kiddos good night! That’s the hardest part of these trips….being away from them. The second and third hardest parts are finding time to get my own workouts in and eating well while traveling. When I was in Indiana I didn’t workout on my own due to the recent shoulder injury; I only did my rehab exercises and demos.

Finding time to workout wasn’t the problem this weekend. The weather has improved and I went further south to Thomson, Georgia (just west of Augusta). I spent this weekend with a very LARGE and EXUBERANT group at the Thomson Family YMCA teaching the NETA PT workshop. We laughed, we cried, we ate some donuts. The PT workshop is A LOT of information crammed into a day and a half. Imagine a 4 year degree in exercise science, condensed into one book, and then reviewed before you sit for a 2 hour exam that determines if you’re going to be a Certified Personal Trainer or not. That’s the pressure of those weekends.

On Friday I left for Georgia in a cloud of yellow dust. It’s pollen time right now and if you’ve ever visited the south in the spring you know that everything is covered in a mustard colored fog. You pray for rain and still it doesn’t come. When it does, everything is washed into streaks and piles on the streets and sidewalks and yet the trees keep producing more and more. It amasses on both the interior and exterior of all vehicles and buildings and most people suffer dearly for it. If you recall…..I am one of those people.

By the end of teaching on Saturday my voice was wiped. My tonsils are the size of dice and probably close the same shape and shade of red that I’ve seen in some casinos. What did I do in that precarious state? I went to a park and did a 5 mile run…..mostly in the grass. I can’t pass up nice weather! Today the voice is even worse and I’m having to force air hard enough to speak, but that’s no excuse to skip some much needed movement before sitting on airplanes! So, I did breakroom Pilates while the group sat for their exam. They all left with nervous-ish smiles, but they were smiles none-the-less.

So, my work here is done and I want to get home to my family and my bed and be done with taking allergy meds to calm the attack. However, my flight is delayed. So I sit here and hope that I will have a voice tomorrow morning as I teach. I hope you’ve had a great weekend, are not troubled by the pollen, and will join me tomorrow for a post about Affirmations on Meditation Monday!

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