Training Plan Tuesday #6 – April 2019

Can you believe it’s already April 16th and I’m just now getting to posting about my training plan? I can because I haven’t exactly been training for myself…..Recapping the Injuries

The last time I checked in regarding my fitness training I was talking about rehabbing my shoulder. It’s moving along and I’ve started using some KT tape to support the progress. I am still not doing eccentric loading of the shoulder and I feel like that has caused me to back off of some of my own training. That, plus and extensive travel schedule has caused me to re-evaluate my health as a while. The shoulder, the knee, lost voice, fatigue….it’s all adding up.

Again, I find myself missing a fair amount of days in the month of March (12) and now repeating that trend in April in regards to my own workouts…

Here’s a little recap of my workouts in March:

Last year in March I ran and walked over 50 miles, but 5 hours less of physical activity and exercise logged (I wasn’t always tracking what I taught and I definitely taught less).


Rethinking double-up days

I’ve ditched some of my double-up days and they will be gone all together very soon. In May I will lose access to the pool and fitness center again until Fall, so swim/functional training days will phase out. That leaves me back to Pilates, Running, Yoga, and any body-weight functional training I can do at home.

So, what’s on tap for the second half of April 2019?

  • REHAB – getting my shoulder back in order is a top priority
  • My 5 mile runs move up to 6 mile runs
  • I would love to get back into doing the Cindi Lee Yoga for Hamstrings video, but I need to adjust for the shoulder
  • My Pilates work is progressing because of the teaching, so I hope to move up to Upside Down Pilates Level III by the end of the month
  • As this is my last month to swim and lift, I plan to do those on the 23rd, 25th, 30th, and May 2nd before I lose that option

You can follow my continued progress on

Does access to facilities dictate your workout?

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