Training Plan Tuesday #7 – May 2019

The semester is ending for me this week and that means that my gym access is on hold until Fall. So, I have devised a plan for the summer months to keep myself active daily, not to lose major gains I have made in the formats I teach, play into time constraints and weather challenges, and to conquer a large goal.

But, before I unleash the May plan, let’s play catch up on April.

Shoulder in place

I did my last, for awhile, visit for my shoulder on Wednesday, May 1. Things are where they should be and now comes the maintenance phase. That means that I need to keep on top of things and not let it slip again. I will be back for a check up on June 5th, so you’ll get the update then. But, I’ve been doing Sun Salutations (modified) and some push-ups (less than 10, also modified) to start to build myself back up.

Month in review

I found that I only had 7 days without activity in April, but my mileage was shorter. Every year I find that finals time wears me down. There’s a lot of grading and the apathy of my students brings my own mood down. I also traveled a ton during the beginning of the month and then spent more time with family and doing things around the house toward the end. Overall I’m okay with the fact that I only logged 22 miles (compared to last year’s 55+). I have a new plan in mind to help me boost my mileage.

Here’s a little recap of my workouts in April:


Summer Plan – May

  • Mondays – Run 3 miles
  • Tuesdays – Work on the Chipper and Band exercises for my shoulder
  • Wednesdays – Run 1.5 miles
  • Thursdays – Repeat Tuesday
  • Fridays – Run 7 miles (as much as I can and then start walk/jogging each mile until I hit 7) This one will have to be done either first thing after dropping kids off or in the evenings because of the heat
  • Saturdays – Pilates (still on Level II)
  • Sundays – Yoga
  • Every night – Foam Rolling (I plan to do a video next week)

What’s a Chipper?

So, this is my big goal for the Summer. I want to be able to do the Chipper that I give my students and not have it kill me. I used to be fit enough to do this and this spring they all got better and better at it, but I didn’t. It looks like this (updated to something new from what I was teaching):

And this is what I will be like when I’m done…..

100 jumping jacks

90 plank jacks

80 pike planks

70 high knees

60 butt kickers

50 moguls jumps

40 xc ski jumps

30 hip openers

20 crab reaches

10 burpees (no push-up)

The goal is to be able to finish it without taking a million breaks or over 10 minutes just to complete it. I plan to do a video in a couple of weeks on a Workout Wednesday post. Until then….

You can follow my continued progress on

And tell me,

What’s your summer routine going to look like?

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