15 Years of Yoga – Intentionality

Three years ago in April I set out to write about my yoga journey. I had intended to keep updating that each year, but last year threw me for a loop. As of now I have been doing yoga, off and on, for 15 years. It doesn’t mean that I have been living my yoga throughout that whole time, but living yoga is a process, just like much of life.

Over the last two years my life has crumbled and been rebuilt and crumbled and been rebuilt and crumbled again and again and again so many times I cannot count. I have been to two different therapists, counseled by many friends, made decisions, changed my mind, and spent many days just putting one foot in front of the other. Yoga has been at the forefront of my survival throughout.

Back in March I posted a student story titled “Intentionality” which sounds like a completely made up word that a kid might use incorrectly. However, it’s a real thing and I think that it best describes the life I want to lead. I have been thinking a lot about the role that yoga has played in my life these past two years and how much more intentional I want to be about my practice.

Yoga is what saved me from having a total melt down of life after my car accident two years ago. Yoga is what helped drive me to try to eliminate animal products from the majority of my diet. Yoga is what drew me toward the first therapist I was seeing. Yoga breathing helped me deal with some of the traumas I suffered. Meditation has helped me to put my thoughts in order. Repeatedly yoga postural practice has helped me to realign and restrengthen my body throughout various injuries. And my little yoga community is what keeps me going in so many ways than I can describe.

During this past year I have gotten back into yoga in several ways. I am back teaching at CFCC each semester. This has also driven me to keep posting yoga stories on my blog and keep me connected to this part of my yoga life. During the past two years I have started teaching at UNCW and been able to meet new yogis and collaborate with them, plus introduce yoga briefly to so many of my students there. This summer and fall I have the opportunity to actually teach yoga at UNCW. At NETA I have been teaching more of the 200hr RYT and working on completing my own through them. I have followed a few new yogis on the blogs, read some new books that brought me into a more reflective and meditative state, and tried some new yoga videos. I have taught yoga at my children’s school and helped them celebrate International Kid’s Yoga Day.

But there’s so much more I want to do with my yoga and my life! I want the intentionality of my practice to be evident in more areas than just teaching, writing, and my Sunday practice. I want to truly embrace the idea of living a yoga life because I feel like it’s about living a well life for me. So, this year (year 16) will be another self-discovery, but in yoga this time. I want to discover the ways that I can be more yoga.

How can I be more intentional with my life and my yoga?

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