Training Plan Tuesday #8 – June 2019

It has felt like it is a MILLION degrees outside lately which has really impacted my training. For much of the month of May temps in Wilmington were over 80F by 8am. I used to be a hot weather runner, but this year I am struggling with it. Therefore, starting on Friday (when my kiddos are finally out of school), my workouts will once again shift to early morning.

Month in review

I succeeded in having only 4 days without activity in May, more than doubled my mileage over April, and improved my mileage over last year’s May. My only blip recently have been Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day weekend (holidays always seem to trip me up).

Here’s the recap of my workouts in May:


Summer Plan – June

I have been feeling like my workouts aren’t as challenging as they should be, but before I up too much of my commitment I need to work on consistency. So, I’m going to stay with the Summer Training Plan and just work on my mileage increases and improving the doing of the workouts. Here’s what it will look like:

  • Mondays – Run 4 miles
  • Tuesdays – Work on the Chipper and Band exercises for my shoulder
  • Wednesdays – Run 2 miles
  • Thursdays – Repeat Tuesday
  • Fridays – Run 8 miles (as much as I can and then start walk/jogging each mile until I hit 8)
  • Saturdays – REST DAY
  • Sundays – Pilates (slid back to Level 1) and Yoga
  • Every night – Foam Rolling (I haven’t been tracking this one every day on MapMyRun)

You can follow my continued progress on

And tell me,

What’s your training plan when it gets hot out?

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