Training Plan Tuesday #9 – July 2019

The year is halfway gone! Can you believe it?! I have been spending a lot of my summer break lounging at people’s pools and on the beach, but also running, biking, doing yoga and Pilates and a host of other activities. Now it’s July and I’ll be headed back to work part-time for the month which will cut down on my “lounging” time and increase my activity time. I feel like June was my lax month, but…..

Month in review

not really. I managed only 61 miles total between walking, jogging, and biking, but that’s only 4 miles short of last year in June. It also included an entire day of walking around an amusement park with my hubby and kiddos and riding rides!

Here’s the recap of my workouts in June:


This month I also didn’t do as many planned days of functional training. That’s a problem because I have noticed weakness in many areas of my body because of this. Including my bum shoulder which feels out of place again. I feel like having regular access to the gym and being there on Tuesdays/Thursdays this month will help curb the ease of skipping those workouts.

Summer Plan – July

I am still having trouble with consistency as I just said before, but I feel like the accountability of being at the rec center will help with that. I also want to focus more on building my muscle (both endurance and strength) again over the next month. I feel like some of my running has been impacted by this muscle loss. Here’s what it will look like:

  • Mondays – Run 5 miles
  • Tuesdays – Teaching 2 80 minute classes at the SRC plus Band exercises for my shoulder and functional training:
    • 50 Russian twists w/ 14lb medball
    • Single leg hay-baler lift w/14lb medball, 10 each side
    • 10 jumps at 18″
    • 10 step-ups each side with hamstring curl at 18″
    • 10 each side of bird-dog with 5lb weight
    • (bringing back the endless rope as well)
  • Wednesdays – Run 2.5 miles plus teaching 2 80 minute classes
  • Thursdays – Repeat Tuesday
  • Fridays – Run 9 miles (as much as I can and then start walk/jogging each mile until I hit 9, these long run days have been a challenge, but I’m still working on them!)
  • Saturdays – REST DAY
  • Sundays – Pilates and Yoga (started doing my own variations and it has worked to keep my mind interested)
  • Every night – Foam Rolling (I haven’t been tracking this one every day on MapMyRun)

You can follow my continued progress on

And tell me,

Are you more accountable with a partner, at the gym, at home, when you post your workouts online?

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