TOLT #77 – If I Could Turn Back Time

It’s been a hot minute since I posted on the blog and even longer since I posted a Think Out Loud Thursday post. I mostly stopped doing those because Amanda at Running With Spoons just suddenly went MIA after my last post. I still haven’t been able to find out where she disappeared to in Canada and if she’s ever coming back. So, on I press with my summer and my blog…..

Yesterday I killed it at work! I had a malfunction with the presentation tvs in the group fitness room and instead of showing my students this awesome video…..

I had to actually teach step to them. This is not something I’m new to doing, but usually I lack the confidence to pull it off with any style and grace. However, yesterday I just did it and I did it well! By the end of the class (about 45 minutes of step) I was DRENCHED in sweat! It didn’t help that I didn’t turn the fans on right away, was wearing two shirts, or hadn’t planned on teaching full on that morning. But, something else happened by the end of the class…..I felt CHARGED UP!

So, like any ramped up athlete does, I squeezed in my originally planned 2.5 miles on the treadmill. However, I had to do it faster than anticipated so as not to be late for my next class. I kept cranking the treadmill up a little at a time. I realized that all of the slow running I’ve been doing lately has probably been due to lack of motivation and boredom on runs…..all mental basically. I’m running long distances alone and I just miss company!

After my run I sped back down to the GF room and taught another 45 minutes of sweat soaked step. And, I nailed it again! By the end of my day I felt so many things:

  • tired
  • hungry
  • alive
  • smelly
  • accomplished
  • wet
  • excited
  • and a little worried……

See, I’ve been doing more exercise, but I didn’t know what my body would do after that much pushing that wasn’t running and giving myself breaks. I came home and I ate lunch and took a shower and then spent a little couch time winding down and reading a book. Eventually I took a 15 minute power nap and went on with my day. I felt off for awhile after my nap. I couldn’t decide if I was still dehydrated, hadn’t eaten enough, was tired or groggy, or if they 100+ heat index outside was annihilating me.

By this morning, though, I was feeling great! Maybe shouldn’t have skipped foam rolling last night, but otherwise great! It made me start to regret all of the years that I haven’t pushed myself as hard as I could in fitness. Then, I started thinking about all of the other ways I haven’t taken care of my health and my body to the maximum level. But, then I remembered that I have also been known to take things too far.

I wish that I could stay consistent in my routines and challenge myself appropriately so that I feel so accomplished, alive, and excited after every workout and every day, but I also want to avoid competition with myself and my body. I can’t go back in time to change the way I’ve treated my body, but every day I can make a choice to treat it well. I also recognize, for me, the benefits of a workout partner, a fitness center, teaching classes, and pushing a little more some days and pulling back others. I guess regret and reflection also teaches me balance.

Looking back, would you change anything about the way you’ve treated your body over time?


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