Training Plan Tuesday #10 – August 2019

Writing about my monthly training is helping me to stay focused on it. However, I was in Iowa last week where the weather was beautiful and I didn’t have access to internet, so no post then. And now it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday, so I’m not sure it’s keeping me consistent on the blog. Take a look at what I did and what happens next…

Month in review

I managed three long runs in July despite the building heat. They weren’t runs as in didn’t walk, but I count them anyway. With my race about 6.5 weeks away I am focused more on finishing than anything else.

Here’s the recap of my workouts in July:


In July I was teaching again three days/week so it helped me to get in some strength workouts I’d been skipping in June. I took Fridays off on purpose, so I feel like that means I only “skipped” three days this month of activity. The rest of the days may not have always been as planned, but at least I wasn’t just lounging at the beach or the pool all month like my sister thinks I was!

Transition Month – August

Last month I had access to the gym 3 days/week. This month I return to gym access, but not until later in the month. I start teaching before my kids start school, so it makes it hard to justify going to the gym when they’re at home. This month also has had other challenges. I needed new shoes (more on that later) because I had run another hole in my shoes. It started to cause lots of problems and I was back to wearing compression socks while I ran. I was on vacation and had to modify training due to travel and lack of access to shoes etc. Here’s what the rest of this month will look like:

  • Mondays – Run 6 miles, teaching 2 hours of yoga, teaching A&P Lab
  • Tuesdays – Teaching 1 hour yoga, 1 hour fitness walking, 1 hour Pilates, then my own Pilates and some band work
  • Wednesdays – 3 – 1mile repeaters
  • Thursdays – Repeat Tuesday with my own yoga and some band work
  • Fridays – off day
  • Saturdays – Attempt to run 10 miles
  • Sundays – Pilates and Yoga (started doing my own variations and it has worked to keep my mind interested)
  • Every night – Foam Rolling (I haven’t been tracking this one every day on MapMyRun)

You can follow my continued progress on

And tell me,

What do your workouts look like when school starts back up?

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