Open to Options by Demiya Long – Guest Post

I love asking students at the beginning of the semester why they signed up for my class. Lots of times it is because it fit their schedule or it seemed like it would be easy. No matter the answer, all are welcome in my class and I approach the semester with the enthusiasm that I want to share the gift of yoga with them all.

At the end of the semester, those who stick with it are often surprised by how hard it was to learn yoga. Whether it be the mental aspect or the physical aspect. For many students it’s the only time they do yoga…in my class for 1 hour and 50 minutes a week. For others it’s a lifelong journey. And, for some, they’re still not sure when the semester ends…..

Taking yoga for the first time I I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I figured it would be a lot easier than the cycling or walking classes. I was assuming it would be a lot less work. To my surprise it was a lot more challenging than I’d thought. During the semester I’ve learned that yoga is not only physical but mental as well. A lot of mind and body connections are made through yoga. From the first class until now I’ve grown to appreciate yoga and understand that I can have multiple purposes and it’s not just a physical practice.

Although yoga was a bit more tedious than I would have liked it still taught me quite a few things. Yoga taught me how to breathe into different parts of my body. Yoga also taught me how to relax and meditate. Yoga has taught me how to focus on the important things and push out the extras. In the future I’m not sure if I will utilize yoga. it’s not my favorite form of exercise but it’s not the worst either.  I do work at the YMCA and I get to take any Fitness classes for free so I think I should try it a few more times before I give up.


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