Finding Strength – Guest Post

Yoga is not a religion and it’s a common misconception that it is. I fight that struggle on the regular….letting people know that they can find a way to practice yoga and still keep their chosen faith. When living in Texas a woman told me that yoga breathing was the way the Devil entered your body.

Living in North Carolina for the past 10 years has taught me that there is a lot of faith here. Sometimes that faith is misguided and sometimes it is misunderstood. My students are always expressing their faith in ways that surprise me. What hasn’t changed for me is the fact that yoga can be a perfect way to integrate your faith into every day action. And there’s no better example of that than determination and the strength that regular practice builds.

Taking a yoga class in college has been such a fun experience. It was definitely out of my comfort zone to take a class like this but I am glad that I did. At the beginning of the class I was really nervous, and worried that I would not be strong enough to complete some of the poses.

By the end of the semester I realized that yoga is not about doing the hardest poses, or doing perfect, but that it is about trying your best and challenging yourself. I have definitely challenged myself by taking this class, and trying something I never thought I would try. This class helped me realize that I am stronger than I think, and that perfection should not be my main goal. Yoga pushed me to try new things and have fun.

     Moving forward I would like to continue doing yoga for exercise and to build my strength. I would like to start doing some strengthening poses at home at least once a week to continue my practice. If I had the chance to take another yoga class I think I would, especially if I convinced friends to do it with me. I would definitely recommend yoga to anyone who wants to get stronger but does not know where to start. This class was great to take as a beginner, because it physically challenged me, but I did not feel like it was too advanced to where I was falling behind. Overall, this class was a great experience. It helped me to grow stronger and challenge myself by doing poses out of my comfort zone.


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