Training Plan Tuesday #11 – Ending 2019

August was the last time that I wrote about my training plans for real. Since that time I have had a whole semester of training and completed the 15k race that I was training for over the last year and a half. So, this recap is something a little different as I attempt to get my blog and all back on track…..

Fall in review

This fall I was teaching three days each week in various classes:

Monday – Yoga for 1:50 and Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1:50

Tuesday – Yoga in the Outdoors :50, Fitness Walking :50, and Pilates :50

Thursday – Repeat Tuesday

For many people this would have been enough to keep themselves in general shape. For me, that was just work and not my own training.

Here’s the recap of my stats for Fall:

Dipping December

It’s pretty normal for me to dip my mileage as the weather gets colder and the semester moves on…usually I have a good sized dip after my race is complete as well. I have started transitioning my program to train differently for my next race. But, the dip that I am experiencing right now is just as much mental as it is time constraint. I am almost scared to run some days and I am unsure of what to do about my lack of facilities for the next month.

Winter Break

So, here’s what I am trying to accomplish…..

  • Catch up on my planned training runs so that I feel confident that I can do the half-marathon I want to do in April
  • Understand that two a days or more might be part of the package, but that’s nothing new considering that I teach and then train on top of that
  • Work with what I’ve got…..that means body weight exercises instead of the gym. Plus, I’m teaching Backyard Bootcamp again soon, so I need to be ready
  • Keep up with my yoga and Pilates as I will be teaching them again soon
  • See about the pool! It’s not a no until I’ve asked
  • Don’t ditch training when I travel to Iowa….my brother is training for an Ironman Triathlon, so I have to try and use him as a resource for training facility when I’m gone
  • Know that it’s okay to take the time for myself!

You can follow my continued progress on

And tell me,

What do your workouts look like when school starts back up?

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