Training Plan Tuesday #13 – February 2020

It is warm out here…..I mean really warm for February! Yesterday, at the track, it was almost 70F! I think that a mild winter has helped me to be more on top of my training than I ever have before. However, I’ve also being trying to be mindful in my consistency and that means that I skipped a total of 8 days of exercise last month. I am now 5 days behind on my training plan that was revamped to include all of the workouts I had skipped last fall. REALLY, I’m still doing workouts from the beginning of January, so you choose…..5 days or 5 weeks behind, I’m still behind!

Month in Review

I have less than 3 months until my next race and I’m starting to get worried about both the distance and the pacing goal. In an effort to stay consistent I am not going to let that hold me back. I am training like a machine!

Teaching has started up again which is helping me to be on campus and get some workouts in. Days off from campus are the ones most likely to be missed because I get busy with family life and forget to make time for me.

Injury Free….

So far in 2020 I am injury free. I credit that to balancing my workouts, listening to my body, and trying to be WELL overall.

However, I wanted to write about something weird that is happening to me on my long runs…..losing feeling. I’ve had this happen to me before, but the last time I remember it was high school. During cross country season I would sometimes lose feeling in my arms while I was running. I never did figure out the cause, it just went away. I have started to have that feeling from time to time again, but Friday the 24th was a whole different ball game!

I was out for what was supposed to be a 10 mile run and it was going very well, except for MapMyRun was giving me fits (I have a whole post ready about that later this week). Then, around mile 6 I started to notice that the left side of my face was feeling tingly and then it went fully numb. I first tried walking for a minute and getting some water in me. However, when I returned to running it still wasn’t any better and it started to worry me. It was my son’s birthday weekend, so without trying to kill myself, I called my mom to pick me up from my run. I walked another 3/4 mile to where she was meeting me and felt fine after that. But something wasn’t right in my head about the event.

I cut off all of my hair the end of November and changed my part. I found out that I have traction alopecia (and I’ll write about that later too). My mom seems to think that, since I’ve been having weird kinks in my neck since this change, that it’s probably a pinched nerve that caused my face to go numb. I am hoping that that’s all it is and that it’s something I can work through easily. I have noticed a lot of tension in my neck and upper back since changing my hair style and also that it has impacted my activities. I’m also trying to teach myself to breathe on my left side as I swim, so there’s something different there as well.

Long Runs and Speed Issues

My biggest concern, like I said, is about my lack of long distance runs and maintaining the speed that I want to be at. It seems like (most) track days I can get up to the speed goal and hit every interval. However, that’s not translating into my actual running. Treadmill runs also seem to be going okay and I can hold an okay pace overall, but not where I want to be.

My biggest challenges are that I don’t have anyone to help me with pacing and MapMyRun updated and is giving me fits (see post later this week). I think my goal for this month may be to try a run club run or find someone who runs faster than me to do my next 10 miler with me.

You can follow my continued progress on

How do you get your pacing up?

How are you staying injury free this year?

2 thoughts on “Training Plan Tuesday #13 – February 2020

  1. Your facial numbness experience sounds scary – I’m glad that it stopped after you walked back to your car. I don’t know a lot about your background or what you’re already doing (I just wandered into your blog from one of your comments at Fit is a Feminist Issue), but I wonder if it’s the kind of thing that a chiropractor or physical therapist could help with, if it persists?

    Now, to your actual questions! I’m also training for a distance running event (a half marathon) and have a loose time goal in mind (under two hours), so this is incredibly relevant to me right now! At the moment, I’m not worrying much about speed – I’m just focused on getting the miles in. (Which is a tactic that, in the past, has actually helped me get faster, even when I’m mostly just running slow miles.) Closer to the event, I’m planning to add in some dedicated speed work. Injury prevention is a little harder – sometimes I want to run when my body is telling me to take a break! Luckily, I have a couple of other fitness activities (strength training and indoor bouldering) that I can add in when I want to do something but don’t think I should be running.

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    1. Hi Emily and WELCOME! I would love to find out more about the event that you’re training for and indoor bouldering. My kids are really into indoor climbing and I am hoping to get them into a session of it later this spring once we finish swimming lessons, baseball, and running club. Wow we sound overscheduled! But really only one thing at a time.

      I am actually scheduled to back and see the chiro that worked on my shoulder last spring. I haven’t had any bouts with the facial numbness again, but I can’t guarantee that it’s not going to happen again. Thank you for reading!


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