Fave Reads Friday #23 – The Library

We finished a few books at our house since my last Fave Reads Friday post.

  • The Tale of Despereaux (which they totally rearranged in the movie; as they sometimes do) had a sweet ending and made my 7yo feel quite accomplished
  • Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl was not one I enjoyed having read to me, mostly because I am not into graphic novels and partly because I hadn’t “read” the first two in the series.
  • The Secret Garden was one that felt like the ending was both necessary and abrupt. We have yet to watch any movie that goes with that book because there’s none free on our streaming channels. Also, it leaves you wanting a sequel.
  • Part of our Lives was the one I finished. It seemed to take me longer to read than originally expected. It started off strong, but then seemed repetitive in some ways. However, I learned a few interesting facts and it did lead to a new project for me….


Other than the few personal stories and times that my hometown library system was mentioned in the book, there were also several books listed that I had never heard of or read myself. I had intended to make this big list of these books and add them all to my library “to read” list, but I never wrote them all down before I returned the book. There also wasn’t a list in the back of the book, so I decided to just go an easier route for me.

In the book, one of the stories is about Oprah. Many years ago, in a whole different part of my life, I had read Cane River because my mom had bought it as part of the Oprah Book Club. I borrowed the book from my mom and I still have it, but only vaguely remember the story.

Did you know that Oprah now has over 85 books on her Book Club list?!

So, I instead decided to add all of the books I could get at my local library to my list and to start reading whatever was available. I really want to broaden my horizons and choose some different books and read some classics and some new things too. My list is now over 100 books again (including some titles I want to read to my kids). In looking for these books I found other books I wanted to read, so the list kept growing.


The first book I checked out from my new list is Back Roads by Tawni O’Dell. I am not sure if this was from Oprah’s Book Club or one I found on my own. I haven’t even had a chance to crack it open this week.

We are also on to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which we started a couple of years ago and the kids didn’t feel good about the spider, so we stopped. I have read some of the HP books before, but it’s more fun to read them to the kids and I can’t wait to watch the movies again too!

The youngest is reading (reluctantly) Tiger Boy by Mitali Perkins. And the oldest was working his way through Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan, but the library made us give back our copy because someone else had put it on hold. I still want to read that one myself (when he’s done with it), so we’re waiting for another copy to come in.

That’s probably one of the things I miss the most during all of this….going to the library and browsing the books. I am grateful for pick-up service and for the digital library access as well. It truly is a part of our lives that is missing right now!

What book are you waiting to read?

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