Wellness Wednesday #26 – An Uncertain Plan

I am supposed to be on break from work this week….and last week too. However, there’s no rest for anyone these days. It’s a weird time to live in and that means that wellness needs to be balanced in different ways than normal. So, this week, I am taking a break to re-evaluate things with the uncertainty of what comes next.

I mean, we had a hurricane the other night and now life is back on!

I am catching up on work trainings I found out I was almost two years past due on. I am catching up on emails. I am catching up on thoughts and making plans. I am working out what to do to keep moving forward physically and with my Wellness Vision, but also not trying to hurt myself. I am trying to figure out scheduling with school starting for all of us in 12-14 days.

Life will be more normal next week…let’s check back then.

How often do you take a step back from your blog or other engagements to re-evaluate?

What do you do best when things are uncertain?

How did you fare during Isaias?

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