Meditation Monday #62 – Here and Now

I spent this weekend trying to get prepared for today. Today my kids start virtual school and I start a new routine. But now that I am here I plan to be HERE….in the present… matter what that looks like.

Yesterday I listened to a meditation on Insight Timer by Elizabeth Gilbert….you know, Eat, Pray, Love. The meditation was one dealing with fear because I feel like respecting fear is part of my goals to both be present and to promote my wellness through Self-Love and Self-Responsibility. It’s okay to be afraid, but when I am, I just need to be here and be here for myself.

So, that’s what I’m doing today. I am going to follow some great advice from meditation practices, yoga, and The Wellness Inventory:

  • I will use my breath to monitor my emotions
  • I will take the time to notice my surroundings
  • I will make time to exercise and promote a physical response in life
  • I will meditate today and allow my mind to be aware of what is really going on inside of me
  • I will not spend too much time focused on the future or on things I cannot control in this moment

Today I am here.

Where are you today?

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