Meditation Monday #63 – The Heart of the Holidays

Do you ever feel like The Grinch at the holidays? Like everyone is spending too much effort on being commercial and not enough time being authentic? I get annoyed at the lack of family time and how, just because it’s getting cooler out, we all seem to get less active.

This past weekend I did a Restorative Yoga training with NETA as I continue to work toward my official 200RYT. As we did a Yoga Nidra during the practice we came to an “I” statement. I focused on my disappointment. It’s a common thread in my life that I wish I could change. I am disappointed in a lot of things, but can I find the opposite of that? What is the opposite of that? Is it acceptance or happiness? How do I let that dissolve into my heart and let the heart change that disappointment into gratitude?

I have been using a meditation app for awhile now and this morning I did a short Sanskrit chant meditation for the heart by Singers 3nity Brothers and presented by Gaia Meditation. My goal in choosing this particular meditation was to open my heart chakra. I don’t want to be The Grinch right now. I want to find a center, an acceptance, a happiness, a presence….a different kind of green.

How are you feeling about the holidays?

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