And Then March Happened

Sixteen days ago I was Thinking Out Loud about how excited I was to be on Spring Break and getting time to recover from bronchitis and get back to life as usual. But, we all know how that has turned out. So, now I am sitting here on a Saturday evening prepping for my first week of teaching online and my second week of homeschooling. We are all healthy and somewhat happy at our house, but mostly just thankful.

Choosing Peace Instead of Panic

I saw an interview the other day with a minister in Italy who is American. She and her husband and their two children are in the lock down there. She said something really profound, that they’re “…choosing peace over panic…”. I loved that saying so much that I have been using it as a personal mantra this week. I have not panicked when:

  • I learned that I would be teaching online for the WHOLE rest of the semester
  • I realized that my kids may not go back to school this school year
  • I gave up on the hope of completing my half marathon this spring
  • Technology fails have happened
  • We made a beautiful dinner and then the kids only ate half of it
  • All of the toilet paper disappeared from stores
  • The school science experiment called for heavy whipping cream and all I could find was half and half
  • I heard my neighbor outside on the phone which seemed like she’s talking to a doctor…..

Adjusting to Temporary Normal

I am thankful that my kids and I are adjusting to this temporary normal quite well. We have talked about what is going on, why it’s not time to panic, why we are staying home and how we don’t know what comes next. We’ve talked about what everyone needs and created a way to communicate that is factual but not scary. Emphasizing the reality and severity of the situation, but not over dramatizing it.

Our temporary normal means that right now we can go out in our backyard and play, we can video chat with our family, we can watch a little more tv, we can cook more food and bake more things because we’re home more. Our temporary normal means that the kids don’t have to go to the grocery store any more and that we have more time in our day because we’re not traveling around town. Our temporary normal means no play dates and no baseball practices and no trivia nites out. Our temporary normal is just that….temporary.

Maintaining a Schedule

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that schedule is key. It’s key for me completing my work, maintaining my fitness, and when I keep a blog writing schedule, it’s key to that success as well. So, even though it’s only been a week so far, we’re maintaining bed time and get up time. We start homeschooling at 815am and take snack and lunch and recess and finish school around 3pm. We’re making up “specials” work. And this coming week, when my students “come back to class”, I will be holding a Zoom meeting for each course section at regular class time to start to create some kind of consistency for them.

A tiny Bit of Anger

I have to admit that things aren’t all unicorns and rainbows over here. Life is real and I have a little bit of anger about this situation. The things I’m angriest about are those who are judging others. I have written about this topic before (see here). I just can’t stand people who can’t respect other people’s choices.

Two areas that have irked me are people who are upset with others who are wearing masks. While I believe that the masks should be reserved for those who need it and especially medical personnel, I can’t stop you from wearing your mask. I don’t know who you are or what your situation is. I am not judging you and I won’t; but I am sure as hell judging those who “can’t stand you wearing your mask”. UGH!

The second area that has rubbed me the wrong way is people demanding free things. Look, it is WONDERFUL (in my opinion) that the utility companies have canceled disconnections and that internet providers are offering connections for students who need it to maintain school, but people…..these people need to get paid sometime too. I get it. We’re all under a lot of stress right now. Some of you may not have income at this time, some of you are suffering from anxiety of all sorts. I hear you, I see you, I feel you. However, that’s no reason to deserve something for nothing.

I guess this area hits hard for me because my brother works for a utility company. He is still out there doing his job with the mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer that his company gave him to protect himself. Does he not deserve a pay check too? So, when your disconnection happens in a few more months when all of this lifts and you can’t pay your bill because you didn’t work, I AM SORRY and I hope that there is a way for you to find the assistance that you need to get back on your feet. However, I don’t think that the utility companies shouldn’t charge during this time. They need to pay their employees who went in to work and came into your homes and provided you with the service that you needed to make it through this time…..however long it may be.


In all of this YOGA keeps floating into my mind…..

Yoga means to yoke, join, or unite. It’s what we all need right now; to come together while staying apart.

Check out this Coping Calendar from Action for Happiness:

Colorful calendar from Action for Happiness with daily tips for how to cope with this public health crisis

One of the first things it suggests is to make a plan for how to stay calm and connected. So, here’s my plan:

  • Keep going as I am while following all of the guidance and rules out there right now
  • Keep active and start retraining for my half marathon which may not happen in 2020 depending on how things turn out
  • Keep in contact with my friends and family via text and video chats and phone calls at least once a week
  • Try to get back to this blog because someday it will serve as a record for how we all came through this…..together

I sincerely hope that you and all of yours are safe and well during this time of uncertainty. Keep checking back in as I hope to have more videos of yoga practice, fitness in the home, and ideas for keeping ourselves together throughout all of this!


Training Plan Tuesday #13 – February 2020

It is warm out here…..I mean really warm for February! Yesterday, at the track, it was almost 70F! I think that a mild winter has helped me to be more on top of my training than I ever have before. However, I’ve also being trying to be mindful in my consistency and that means that I skipped a total of 8 days of exercise last month. I am now 5 days behind on my training plan that was revamped to include all of the workouts I had skipped last fall. REALLY, I’m still doing workouts from the beginning of January, so you choose…..5 days or 5 weeks behind, I’m still behind! Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #13 – February 2020”

TOLT #79 – End of Another Semester

Another semester is over and done. Each time one ends I wonder how I could have done better and what I will change the next time around. When the next semester starts I have high hopes and ambitions and nerves like crazy! There’s always a little bit of….what if they don’t like me? In that same moment I think, it doesn’t matter if they like me or not.

For me, my self-esteem is not caught up in my image of how I teach. I know that I am a good teacher. To some I am a great teacher. For myself I am satisfied in my work and my work makes me happy. Every semester I get both bad and good reviews. This semester was no exception.

However, in grading one student’s paper I read something that has really struck me as wise and something I want to remember. She wrote:

My goal is consistency, not perfection.

It couldn’t be more simple than that. Life, for me, is about consistently being in a place where I can be content. I want to know I’m doing a good job and that someone is benefiting from my existence. I won’t be able to make all of my students happy. I won’t be able to get to everything I want to do. I will miss workouts and kill workouts; not send some emails on time and send too many emails sometimes; be tired and cranky some days and overly perky some days; let the laundry pile up and have a completely spotless home; spend hours grading or skip grading to be with my kids; eat too many snacks and forget to eat lunch; write on my blog and then abandon my blog for work or a nap or a workout or to read……I am not perfect and my life is not perfection. But, really, that’s what makes it kind of perfect for me.

At every point in my life I am consistently where I need to be….striving for my best, but accepting that each day is what it is. I am content and balanced.

What does consistency look like for you?


Training Plan Tuesday #9 – July 2019

The year is halfway gone! Can you believe it?! I have been spending a lot of my summer break lounging at people’s pools and on the beach, but also running, biking, doing yoga and Pilates and a host of other activities. Now it’s July and I’ll be headed back to work part-time for the month which will cut down on my “lounging” time and increase my activity time. I feel like June was my lax month, but….. Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #9 – July 2019”

Training Plan Tuesday #8 – June 2019

It has felt like it is a MILLION degrees outside lately which has really impacted my training. For much of the month of May temps in Wilmington were over 80F by 8am. I used to be a hot weather runner, but this year I am struggling with it. Therefore, starting on Friday (when my kiddos are finally out of school), my workouts will once again shift to early morning. Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #8 – June 2019”

Happiness Project Month 2: Strength – My Second Big Truth

For me and my body I first wanted to focus on health because of all that has gone on with my body in the first few months of this year. Now that I have resolved a few things with my health:

  • The cyst is out and my leg is still healing
  • The final lupus tests were negative
  • No cavities at my dental check-up
  • I’m still as blind as I’ve always been per my eye exam
  • I have had enough blood drawn this month to create a new human

…it’s time to move on to the second major part of my happiness project: Strength. Continue reading “Happiness Project Month 2: Strength – My Second Big Truth”

What I Made Wednesday: Cupcakes, Applesauce, and the FDA

I’m currently in the middle of reading The End of Overeating (Fave Reads Friday coming soon) and have been watching documentaries (like I always do, most recent was Sugar Coated) on Netflix and it’s been making me think a lot about food. I’ve written many times about Mindful Eating and I posted an activity for you to try with the experience as part of the May Meditation series How to Meditate. In the news of late we’ve had stories from the FDA about wanting to redefine the term HEALTHY (you can read why I hate that term here) and new information regarding GMOs. My big take away from all of my “research” is that I still want to eat more seasonally and more whole foods. But how do you do this when it comes to a family of four and two adults with very different takes on food? Continue reading “What I Made Wednesday: Cupcakes, Applesauce, and the FDA”

Endurance, Strength, or Power….Where do you fall?

Let’s talk resistance training!


If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I’m a proponent of resistance training in a lot of different formats. Today I present to you two articles that have changed some of my thoughts on how resistance training should be done as well as some other information on the principles of resistance training.

First, a definition: Resistance training can be defined as the act of repeated voluntary muscle contractions against a resistance greater than those normally encountered in activities of daily living. (Lee, M., & Carroll, T. J. (2007). Cross education: possible mechanisms for the contralateral effects of unilateral resistance training [Electronic version]. Sports Med, 37(1), 1-14.)

This means that resistance training can encompass a variety of different training techniques, including Pilates, some parts of yoga, other body weight exercises as well as those performed with exertion against other external resistance mechanisms such as dumbells, kettlebells, resistance bands or tubing, cable machines, selectorized machines, barbells, etc etc etc.

What is Important to Know About Resistance Training?
Well, a lot. First, you need to determine why you are doing resistance training. This is a big guiding factor in the exercises I choose when I plan my monthly workouts. I am not looking to get bigger and faster. I could care less how easily it would be to lift a tire or throw a piano or if I could jump above the rim. For me, my training is all about endurance. I need endurance to get through each and every day with my kids and my workouts and my work. I need endurance when I teach yoga and when I stand all day for a workshop.

Some people may choose to work on power or strength in some areas of their body and endurance in others. While my ultimate goal this year is to see myself as stronger, my primary training goal is still endurance. Why is this important?

Concurrent Training
April’s edition of the IDEA Fitness Journal has an article on Concurrent Training….something we almost all do. Concurrent training is when you perform multiple different types of training within the same training session. The research looked at the effects of doing cardio training and resistance training on the same day on different gains. The outcomes showed that you deplete energy sources necessary to improve in certain training formats by doing both in the same session and this can negatively impact your improvement. However, the biggest losses were on those participants who were trying to get bigger, stronger, and faster; strength and power athletes. So, what about those of us who are just trying to get through and fit it all in?

Here are some suggestions for not losing during your sessions. First, decide what’s most important out of your workout and if it will benefit your goals to do cardio and strength training on the same day. If not, pick a split training plan and make sure you’re giving your body a full 48 hours rest after training sessions for recovery. If you’re main focus is the resistance training, reduce the time and intensity of the cardio sessions and limit them to 3 per week. If your goal is to do both, determine how much your body can actually take and still get benefit out of what you’re doing.

If you’ve looked at any of my training plans thus far, my focus has been on getting longer and faster with my cardio, but I keep my resistance training low. Why? Because I want to have enough muscle mass to perform the necessary work of the cardio activities that I love, protect myself from injury, and be able to move throughout my daily life successfully. Sure there are a few things I’d like to get “stronger” at, but that’s not my main focus at this time.

Order Up!
When I’m planning my workouts another important principle has come to mind: Order of Exercises. As a personal trainer we’re often taught to go from large muscle groups to small muscle groups and all other sorts of rules regarding training clients. As the field moves further and further away from traditional training styles and more towards coaching (see a great article about that here) we also move toward more functional training. Functional training falls into a myriad of different types of training from physical therapy and cardiac rehab (functional to return you to daily life) to sport specific training (functional for the activity at hand) and even just hitting the four pillars of movement (the movements we perform daily).

So, what’s the correct order for your workout? Well, again I ask, what is your goal? I started out my current training program back in December and was focused on the “Push” pillar because I noted that a lot of the exercises I wanted to do were not improving because I was training statically. So, the first thing I do when I hit my resistance workout is my push-ups. Why? Because, according to this article on Exercise Order in January’s IDEA Fitness Journal, order matters! (you can read the whole article on that link) Basically, the research shows that exercises done toward the end of your workout receive the least result and that you should be putting exercises toward the front of the workout that you want to see the greatest improvement on. I always have push-ups first, but I rotate the rest of the exercises around.

The Real 48 Hours
And finally, let’s hit that rest bit a little more. I read a post the other day at Fit Wanderlust Runner that reminded me that we need to talk about the Reversibility Principle again. You need rest between your workout sessions. Click here to read about the Super Compensation Cycle and why we rest for 48-72 hours between sessions. But there is such a thing as too much rest. That’s when your body starts to lose the gains you’ve made in your sessions. Just as overtraining (we’ll talk about this coming week) can be a big problem in achieving your goals, undertraining can prevent you from forward momentum as well.

I wrote a love letter/apology letter to exercise this last week. I learned three things from the experience:

  1. Life happens and sometimes you take a break, but you just get back out there when you can. This is called a lapse and they’re normal and they happen from time to time. For me, sometimes more than others and that’s okay.
  2. I may be overscheduling and heading into a bit of an overtraining pattern, so I’m going to keep an eye on what I plan out and will write more about this later this week.
  3. When you don’t use it….you lose it. Although I didn’t take that much time off from working out this week, I always notice that it’s that much harder to do the work the next time I meet it. Consistency is key as you can lose your gains so quickly.

So, my next rest day was supposed to be today. I chose instead to take my kids for a nice bike ride this morning. The weather held up and it was very pleasant and less intense than my normal runs. My next rest day will be Wednesday and tomorrow is my second HIIT day. Come back then to see how I used HIIT in a different way, but until then, it’s one deep breath in and one slow exhale out to the end of the weekend. Enjoy!


Do you have questions about resistance training?
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