Meditation Monday #50 – Wisdom from Within

A lot of Gates' writing in this section of the book talks about discipline (tapas) and turning inward. In Day 82 he notes that we all start out learning from others, but eventually have to trust our own judgements. Thus is the story of life. Discipline is about creating our own path by following in …

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Workout Wednesday #15 – Non Standing Strength Poses (2)

Remember last week how things were a little off kilter? Well, things are a little more on track this week. So, without further ado.... Notice how I kept trying even when my body didn't want to cooperate? Struggle... Want all the Workout Wednesday videos? Subscribe to my YouTube channel! While I am a fitness professional …

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Happy Halloween! This would be a fancier post if I weren't sitting in my car, waiting for my youngest to be done with preschool for the day.  But it is what it is.... Today has been a relatively great day so far. I taught all three of my classes in a Halloween themed boot camp …

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