Get to Know the Girl

Welcome to One Girl Breathing! Here’s where you can Get to Know the Girl.

Who am I?

Depending upon who you talk to, I fill many roles. This is a topic I write about often on this blog. The short answer is this; I am a fitness professional with a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise and Sport Sciences from Iowa State University and East Carolina University respectively. I also hold Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructor certifications through the American Council on Exercise. I have been certified through YogaFit and am currently pursuing my 200hr RYT with NETA. I have been working in the sport/fitness industry since 1995 and enjoy running, triathlons, yoga, and anything else that would keep me active and outdoors.

I’m also a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, etc, etc, etc. I consider myself to be a feminist and a teacher. In fact, I teach at a local community college and university. I also work for two companies who do not sponsor me in any way, shape or form. You will not see any sponsored posts at this time (May 2019) on my blog.

Why read OGB?

There’s a lot of bad fitness advice out here on the web and a lot of great stuff too. On my blog I journal my experience of being a fitness professional who is now transitioning from a full-time stay at home mom with a million part-time gigs in the fitness/sport industry to a part-time worker who has many kid responsibilities. I have chosen to embrace a yoga lifestyle as I get older and you’ll find a lot of information about that here too. I am not a Registered Dietician and do not give meal plans or subscribe to diets, supplements, etc. It’s not within my scope of practice to tell you what you should be eating and you wont’ get that here.

If you’re looking for a place to come and chat about fitness and yoga and life, this may be the place for you. I welcome lots of different perspectives and I’m open and honest about my own struggles with staying active and being disciplined. I write about barriers and set backs and failure. I also write about workouts, books, food, yoga and all of the great successes that come with remembering to keep breathing….one breath at a time.

Welcome and Namaste!