Training Plan Tuesday #2- 3 Part November and 30 MORE Days of Yoga

Is anyone else confused about why it’s almost 80 degrees on the first of NOVEMBER?! Well, I guess I have to keep the shorts and t-shirts in the rotation for awhile longer and with that in mind, let’s talk about the new month. It’s TURKEY TIME and here is my 3 part training plan for this month and a third stab at 30 Days of Yoga. If you read my recap yesterday, you’ll see that October didn’t quite hit the mark….. Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #2- 3 Part November and 30 MORE Days of Yoga”

Currently October 2016 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Tonight we will Trick or Treat and grill hotdogs/brats out in our backyard. The kids will get to eat some of their candy and the rest will be left for The Great Pumpkin! I love this time of year, because I feel like Halloween officially marks the start of Fall Holiday Season! I’ve got so many things planned in the next few weeks that I just want today to be about fun! But, in the tradition of “holiday season” let’s take a quick recap of the month and my 30 Days resolutions before we get all spooky and go into a candy corn coma!

  1. See the world – I did very little traveling this month due to Hurricane Matthew that came through at the beginning of October and screwed up a lot of my plans. However, this coming weekend I will be headed to Columbia, SC for a NETA Personal Trainer workshop and there’s more travel in the future.
  2. Follow through and finish what I start – I am happy to say that I completed my one project that I wanted to get done this month…..and on time. However, my calendar still had some holes in it as far as being all crossed off. I have some online training to complete this week for one of my many jobs and tomorrow I start in on some new projects. You should also come back tomorrow to read about the gaps in my training plan and what I’ll be doing in November.
  3. Face my fears
  4. Get some more education/professional development – I have decided to register for a yoga training in January and I’ve been scrounging up work in order to make that happen.
  5. Accept responsibility for my mistakes, take ownership and ask for forgiveness when necessary
  6. Embrace my love of the scale
  7. Compete – I’ve been thinking about when a good date to set for the 8K would be… you have a suggestion for one?
  8. Reconnect – This is an area in which I have failed miserably over the course of this month and therefore, as soon as I am done with this post…..I will be making an important phone call.
  9. Prepare
  10. Write more – This month (including today) I only managed 12 posts and over 15 last month. Hopefully November has more PREPARATION that allows for better posting…..because there’s things I want to write about. However, I did a lot more writing as far as work goes this month.
  11. Read – I have a book waiting for me at the library! More about that next month.
  12. Make new things to eat – I tried my hands at scones this month…..and it didn’t go well; hence no post about it. But I did try making some Gluten Free pumpkin muffins with a mix by Namaste and that did go surprisingly well! So well so that I am making a non-gluten free from scratch recipe with a twist later today. I also made some other great muffins that I will share when I bake them again.
  13. Ask “Why?”
  14. Bump up the mileage – I have been running more consistently (and earlier) and trying to complete these 5 mile runs. My plan tomorrow will tell you how close I am to running the whole distance.
  15. Get the photos under control
  16. Go pro!
  17. Rest
  18. Get wet!
  19. Relish sweetness
  20. Treat myself to gear – Waiting to get paid today to purchase this!
  21. Awareness – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate – My work on meditation is helping me to get through this hectic time in my life.
  22. Strength – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  23. Flexibility – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  24. Balance – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate
  25. 3 better yoga poses – My focus on Garland pose this month suffered greatly….more on that tomorrow.
  26. Clean out the friendship fridge
  27. Fitness measures outside of running and yoga
  28. Just Say No!
  29. Be someone – I was requested for a workshop in March!
  30. Check in! – And that leaves me here…..each month I find it hard to hit all of the markers I have set out for the year, but I’m still working on it. I told a friend/boss this afternoon that I really want to check off the boxes so that I can start fresh again in January. Much of this will carry over to that time and for the rest of my life because that’s what living a Yoga Life is all about…..being in the present and looking to the future.

One of my students took some photos in my class last Friday. This being in the moment, recognizing the past, and looking to the future is the perfect description of Warrior II pose. teaching-warrior-iiI don’t know why I look so serious in this photo, but I do know that I am looking forward to tomorrow and a new day, a new month, a new challenge to be completed.

What happened to you in October?

(feel free to post a link to your monthly recap below)

What is coming for you in November?

What are you doing for Halloween today?

Annual Public Service Announcement – Breast Cancer Awareness

Two years ago I decided to make a very short but sweet PSA about October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month while on a trip for NETA. Later that same year I visited a new doctor who mentioned something to me that I had heard a few times before over the years….I have rather lumpy breasts. I kind of brushed her off because she ended up being kind of crazy and charged me for an asthma appointment when I DO NOT HAVE ASTHMA! Can you say insurance fraud?

Last year I wrote a post about my breasts and linked to a whole lot of other times when I had mentioned them and bras and other things of importance in relation to these mammary glands we women wear so proudly on our chests. The ladies at Fit is a Feminist Issue write about them on the regular. But, there’s a little more to my story that I haven’t really shared here and an advertisement I heard on the radio sparked my post for today.

kisK.I.S. is a Wilmington based women’s athletic apparel brand that is still getting off the ground and they’re donating money from purchases this month to our local cancer center (where a Great Aunt of mine was treated not all that long ago before losing her battle with cancer). I plan on getting one of their shirts for myself because they’re good looking shirts and I feel the need to send a little good Karma out into the world these days.

My part in all of this is that in January I went back to see my midwife instead of the crazy doctor for my female check ups. I was again told that I had some serious lumps in my breasts for my age and for having had breastfed two children for the length that I did. My family’s history of female cancers and my own female health history didn’t help any and it was ultimately decided that I should have a mammogram… 35.

I’m not going to lie….I was totally freaked out by this despite my normally blase attitude toward health scares. I usually assume that what will happen will and I prepare for nothing good nor bad. It’s really out of your control at that point. But, this was different for me. I’m not sure if it was having my two children and that thought that there could be something seriously wrong that could take me away from them or what it was, but I was nervous to say the least.

I went for my mammogram and the tech was super wonderful and told me that I did everything so well. She said that I was easy to mold and I suggested that it was all of the adjusting you receive to your form in the fitness industry that had prepared me to be positioned in this exact moment in life. This made her smile and laugh. However, I had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. A few days later I was called back for another mammogram…..they weren’t sure what they were seeing on one side.

A week after the first one I was back in for my second, but only for one side. And the final result was that I just have very dense breasts. One is a 3 and the other is a 4. It’s something that will need to be checked on each year for awhile, but nothing to lose sleep over at the moment. So, here I am, in the middle of October, asking you all to do two things for me:

  1. Talk to your health care professional about your risks and which form of screening is right for you. There’s talk right now about the inaccuracy of checking your breasts each month, but there’s also no real harm in doing so. Ask and you will know your risks and what to do for you.
  2. Go to K.I.S. ‘s website and get yourself a sweet new shirt this month and help out the Zimmerman Cancer Center and all the great work they do for people like my Great Aunt Marilyn and more! It may be me that’s receiving treatment there or one of your loved ones somewhere!

 Take your health seriously; it’s the yoga thing to do!