New Shoes!

Happy Friday to All!

Yesterday I read this post about changing your shoes

When Should You Replace Your Fitness Shoes

and the timing couldn’t have been better because guess what arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon?

My 1st Birthday Present!

Hard to see, but my kids drew hearts all over the box for me before I opened it.

It was my new running shoes that I had ordered over the weekend at a sweet price from Running Warehouse. (not a sponsored post) I used to order shoes from them all the time because they have great prices and selection. I’m the kind of person who likes to stick with the same shoe for awhile……although you wouldn’t know it since this is my fourth pair of runners since starting the blog.

Good-Bye Old Friends

2015 Road Shoe of the Year

But I went back to being a creature of habit this time around…..

Same shoe….different color

As you can see here….my old Fresh Foam Zante 1980 (year I was born….coincidence? I think not!) 20160909_132322had some serious wear to them. While my MapMyRun Gear Tracker says I still have 107 miles left on them, they’re only accounting for my logged miles and not the ones I walked around everywhere else.

So, this month I will be slowly transitioning out of the blue pair and into the purple pair. I ran this morning in the old shoes and will wear the new ones around the house for the next week before they get debuted. They also won’t be the ones I do the 5k in later this month. I mean, my birthday isn’t until the end of September so I’m not really even supposed to have them yet…..right?


Where do you buy your shoes?

How often do you change them out?

How do you go about transitioning to a new pair?

easy inversionDay 9 Yoga – After sun salutations all morning I am spending 5 minutes in Easy Inversion aka Legs Up the Wall pose for some much needed relaxation.

Throwback TOLT – Thinking About Thursdays

I started this blog in January 2014 and had not yet found Running With Spoons or the TOLT, but somehow I posted this little gem titled almost the same thing. I think it was around this time that I was reading Commitness to Fitness and Charlotte was also linking up with Amanda and yet I had no idea. So you can click here to read the original if you like:

Thinking About Thursday

Or enjoy this little snippet from the post:

Random Mom Thoughts
Don’t you hate that moment when you’re changing a diaper and it looks like peanut butter is in there and then you feel some left over crunchy peanut butter between your teeth from the lunch you just ate? Yeah, that just happened to me this afternoon and I think I’ll be taking pbj sandwiches out of the lunch rotation for a few extra days.

Either way, have a great Thursday and take a moment to look back at your old writing to see how it’s changed!

pigeonPS: Yoga practice today will be some much needed pigeon pose. Look for some more info on pigeon pose in Mini Movie Monday #4 or check out these two other posts of mine:

On The Road Again

Taking Inventory


What was your first TOLT?

Day 7 – Loving My Leg Day!

Today is my 7th straight day of Yoga! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read here to find out:

30 Days of Yoga

Yesterday I spent some serious time in Wide Leg Forward Bend or Standing Straddle Fold. The pose has a million English names. In Sanskrit it’s Prasarita Padottanasana “prah-sar-ee-ta-pah-doe-than-ah-sa-na“. image-120While there I was contemplating a lot of things, but especially saying to myself….Don’t Judge. But mostly I was feeling my hamstrings and noticing that as I hold the pose for awhile I begin to get weak in the knees…..or rather weak in my holding of the knees. You’re supposed to be long and strong in the legs, but soft in the knees. It’s confusing to be almost fully extended in the knees, but not locked out and I often start to sag.

When I was done with my five minutes of thinking about the quote from yesterday and reminding myself not to judge myself or others, I immediately thought something positive about my legs Continue reading “Day 7 – Loving My Leg Day!”

Days 3-6: Aparigraha

For Saturday-Monday of the long holiday weekend I chose to turn back to the Gates book and spend some time in meditation for my 30 Days of Yoga challenge. I gave myself at least 5 minutes each day to reflect upon the ideas at hand and I picked up where I left off the last time I attempted to finish this book. I was in the section of the book still on the Yamas and Aparigraha or the precept of non-hoarding. I’ve written about this concept many times and about the idea of letting go in yoga before. It’s one of the main things I preach about in practice. Be here. Be present. Let Go…..

However, this weekend I felt a little deeper. Continue reading “Days 3-6: Aparigraha”

Mini Movie Monday #2 – Saving my knee

Happy Labor Day to all of you in the US! I can’t believe that it’s already September and that fall will soon be here!

I have been talking all summer about this knee and the weird things that have happened with it. I’ve been telling my friends, my family, and my coworkers/students about how out of whack my body is. So, for today, here’s a little video on some of the yoga poses and other exercises I’m doing before my yoga workouts and after my runs to help with that knee issue. Our next Mini Movie Monday will show you some yoga poses and other exercises I’m using to combat the problem with my back…..

As always, this is not advice for you to use to diagnose your own injuries, treat them, nor rehab anything. Please check in with your healthcare professional if you’re having problems with your knees.

My yoga practice update for Labor Day weekend: Lots of deep meditation going on with the Gates book for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday….a post about these is coming tomorrow or Wednesday.

Day 2 – Hermine Stole My Run and Yoga Cures

Good afternoon….it’s raining here. Yep…..rain… lots of it.

I woke up to thunder and lightning at 3:15am this morning and my first thought was:


Which sadly had been set outside yesterday afternoon to dry and was now drenched. It has since been moved under our covered patio to get less wet until it can dry out.

My second thought was:

Turn off the run alarm…

Because I knew I had a busy day ahead of me so I was getting up 30 minutes earlier to run, but Hermine stole my run today. I may brave the dark and random leaves that roll across my path and scare me to death. I may run blind sometimes and worry that every sound is an animal coming to eat me and every person is about to stab me. But, I don’t mess with lightning.

But on to the real reason for today’s post…..Day 2 of my 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.

Today I taught yoga at CFCC and we covered the Half Series and also talked more about the Yamas and the Niyamas and how they fit into our lives. The entire time I was teaching I was having a problem with my back….not to mention that it started raining in my class during the second section! 😦

My hamstrings were also cramping up on me and my legs kept falling asleep when I was cross legged. This are all problems I’ve dealt with individually before, but never all at once. I started to panic internally and think that maybe something ominous was going on because that’s where my brain has been of late. However, I decided to Eventually I decided on two things:

  1. I am probably sore and stiff because I run on Friday mornings and I didn’t today, so I need to adjust my practice for this afternoon to include some poses that will work on these areas.
  2. My practice this weekend needs to be self-study focused.

So, today my 5 minutes will be spent doing a little series of poses I love that includes Lizard, Half Monkey, Gate, Side Plank, Pigeon, Down Dog, and repeat opposite side. And this weekend I will pick up the Gates book for each of the next three days and get back to a little inward focus.

Is your fitness routine suffering from Hermine?

What does your practice look like today?

Have you ever had a minor panic attack while teaching and kept it to yourself?

Does it rain in your house?

Did you read that Yoga helps back pain?

Review Examines Clinical Trial Evidence on Complementary Approaches for Five Painful Conditions