Currently August 2016

I thought that for today I’d take it all the way back to my ambitious long list. Here’s an update, in a few words each, on what I’ve accomplished so far this year.

  1. See the world – Did I mention that I lost my glasses at one point? And I haven’t done much in the way of traveling of late.
  2. Follow through and finish what I start – I am still working on this list, but there are many tasks that still sit unfinished. Currently I’m working on a workshop that I started reading for in June.
  3. Face my fears – I think my biggest fear is that I am lost right now and I may be depressed, but I’m too afraid to find out for real. Especially after reading this book.
  4. Get some more education/professional development – I attended two trainings in June and am now able to teach a few more workshops, but I want to accomplish a little more this year.
  5. Accept responsibility for my mistakes, take ownership and ask for forgiveness when necessary – Man have I ever been trying to own up this year!
  6. Embrace my love of the scale – I’ve been tracking my weight from time to time and like knowing that it’s not in charge of me and I also don’t fear it.
  7. Compete – Did I mention that I’m doing a race in less than a month?! I scaled back, but still….it’s getting done!
  8. Reconnect – I have spent more time reaching out to friends and really trying to spend more time with the friends that I value. I was grateful to have my friend Sarrah come to town three times in the last two months!
  9. Prepare – My little notebook calendar has helped me to stay on track a lot better and we’ve had a few mishaps with Kindergarten (I forgot to label the date on the lunch this morning), but overall feel way more prepared than previously.
  10. Write more – I’m here…now…and I think this year has been my best so far as far as number of posts.
  11. Read – Did I mention I’ve almost completely finished my book list, plus some?
  12. Make new things to eat – This was new last week.

    breakfast cookie
    I used Crazy Richard’s chunky peanut butter instead of almond butter, some frozen blueberries we picked at Lewis Farms earlier this year, and a mix of applesauce and honey instead of coconut oil because I didn’t have any and I make my own blueberry applesauce that worked perfectly with this recipe.
  13. Ask “Why?” – My yoga is coming along more and more each semester. I need to get back to a daily practice, but that’s a 30 day challenge I’m giving myself soon.
  14. Bump up the mileage – Like I said earlier, I’ve scaled back on the runs, but today I went out after Kindergarten drop off instead of early morning and logged a few more miles. Still waiting for the humidity and heat to really die down for this one.
  15. jumpGet the photos under control – I’ve been trying to get into more pics for another goal I set earlier this month. I forgot to post this one….so I hope you enjoy. Have you ever been to a trampoline park? Ours has a ninja warrior type course in the back and I tried a ton of the obstacles and made a fool of myself. Thank goodness my kids are young!
  16. Go pro! – Stagnant here due to lack of funds to move forward. But, I did decide to stop hosting so that I could be real instead of just pro and poor.
  17. Rest – I was all about this when my knee got injured.
  18. Get wet! – Still no pool membership, but again….lack of funds is preventing a few things.
  19. Relish sweetness – My kids and I are having so much more fun these days.
  20. Treat myself to gear – Yep, a few things here and there, but the new running shoes are coming……
  21. Awareness – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate – I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has been helping me lately!
  22. Strength – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate – Not always in physical measures.
  23. Flexibility – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate – Not always in physical measures.
  24. Balance – Gifts of Yoga to enjoy and cultivate – Working on balance of life as a whole.
  25. 3 better yoga poses – My yoga is slow going as I’ve devoted so much more time to running, but I’m being more conscious of my practice…..come back tomorrow for more info on that.
  26. Clean out the friendship fridge – I’m just not throwing effort where effort is undeserved.
  27. Fitness measures outside of running and yoga – This has been a hard one for me as I find that running and yoga are what fits best into my life right now. Although, I want a Kettlebell for my birthday.
  28. Just Say No! – I think this one has been a benefit and a negative of late. I’m saying no to more crap from other people, but I’ve also given myself the permission to stop on runs when I know I can push through. There’s a fine line between saying no to doing something because it’s truly too much and saying no because it’s easier….
  29. Be someone – Thank you to the followers who followed me over to the new site. đŸ™‚ I’m grateful for each of you!
  30. Check in! – Here I am and I’d love to hear from you about  the following two things:

Have you long forgotten your resolutions?

What struggles are you facing in your fitness life today?

Meditation Monday#20: Turning In and Tuning Out

I started this post back in January on the old site as part of my 30 Days project, but decided to save it for later. When I was reading last Tuesday in the IDEA Fitness Journal an article struck me as something I needed to consider and therefore sparked the finishing of this post.

One thing I need more of this year and in my life in general is connection. Continue reading “Meditation Monday#20: Turning In and Tuning Out”

The First Training Run

Yesterday I felt like it would be best for me to have a goal of how far I am going to run in training for this 15K race in September. I still haven’t registered for the race, but I have a little more support behind me now. My husband is getting me up 3x/week to run. Not with him, but to make sure I get out the door. I was supposed to start this on Monday, but it was pouring down rain and lightning.

So, yesterday (the in-between day) I started to mentally prepare a new route that takes me away from my regular routes. Someplace I can take baby steps toward accomplishing the full 9 mile+ distance. Today I went out for a run…1.5 miles. Not that far and I’ve gone back up in pace, but I did it.

I’m going to go a little further each time and not focus on the pace at this point. That all went out the window last month and now I need to focus solely on increasing my distance progressively. I’m battling a knee thing and I’ll talk more about that each day too.

Because I’ve been away from this for so long and have felt really lost in all my goals, I’m trying to take 5-10 minutes each day to write something. Something about the way I’m feeling, the way my training is going, the travels and work that I’m doing. Just something.

So, today I ran. It was 1.5 miles and it was humid. I didn’t have to walk and my knee didn’t hurt. I stretched a lot afterward and then I mapped this course to work up to in preparation for this race. Want to run with me?

the big training run

Where Have I Gone?

You know that your blog is not a success as a money maker when you don’t write on it for more than a month and no one emails and says, “Where are you?”.

I didn’t mean to step away from my blog…..again…..but it has happened and I’m finding it harder and harder to come back. Not because I don’t want to write, but because I can’t seem to make myself get in front of the computer and put words down. This is the hardest part of being a fitness professional…..falling into the gap.

What is this gap I speak of?

It’s the gap that a lot of clients fall into as well…’s somewhere between a lapse and a relapse. It’s that time where you thought you’d get to something or get back to it…. and then everything starts to look further and further away in regards to your goals. I feel very detached from my 30 days at this moment. I want to be here and I want to be running and I want to be doing so many things……I’m just not finding the fight to do it right now.


Tone It Up Tuesday #25 – Is it time for a training program?

I’ve been debating lately about what I will do next with my running, especially since yesterday’s run didn’t go exactly as planned. Last week I wrote about the next six weeks and what I plan to do there in regards to running, yoga, and my body weight training I’ve got going on. However, I wonder what will come at the end of those six weeks? I have some goals of how I’d like to see it all turn out and I’m pretty confident that I can reach those goals, but what happens when I don’t?

As a degreed and certified fitness professional, it would be great if I had all the answers when it came to my own training, but I don’t.

Continue reading “Tone It Up Tuesday #25 – Is it time for a training program?”

Currently May…..30 Days Updates

Happy May Day!

I am in Sanford, NC this weekend teaching NETA workshops at the Lee County Enrichment Center where they offer many different activities for seniors in the area. Yesterday I did the workshop on Senior Fitness Training and today I will be presenting Yoga Inc for PTs and GFIs to incorporate yoga into their training sessions and classes.

I have had the most beautiful stay at my hotel this weekend! This particular Comfort Suites has the best carpet20160429_234233 and was so welcoming when I came in late Friday night. Plus, look at the BUTTERFLY20160429_234247 at my door! If you know me at all, you know that I really associate with butterflies and always have. Something about the idea of transforming yourself and being free to travel the world, but still delicate has always been appealing to me. I was awakened by my alarm Saturday morning and the sun peeking through the curtains. I looked out later in the day, before my evening run, to find the trees behind my room. 20160430_161704But, kind of makes me wonder how many dead bodies are out there…..I don’t know why I think these things, but I just do!

Last night I treated myself to an almost 4 mile run around  a lake a few blocks from my hotel. One of the participants lives in the neighborhood and suggested the route. Thank goodness I had recently read Caitlin’s post about the Boston  Marathon and Heartbreak Hill, because I don’t think I would have made it through most of those hills without stealing her strength as motivation. I did have to walk for 2 minutes on the last hill because I was almost hit by a car at one point and it shook me and my burning calves. I needed the time to regroup and finish the run. I probably would have come closer to 9:00/miles if I hadn’t walked, but I’m not disappointed in the run. I would be so fit if I lived in Sanford and had the option to run these hills each day!

But on to the real reason for this now lengthy post….it’s MAY! And that means that it’s time for a few updates and some talk about what’s coming this month.

In April I presented my 12 Years of Yoga series and told you about how I have traveled so far on the yoga path of my life. This month I want to start refocusing on sharing the yoga journey for each of you. So, because I’m currently teaching a meditation course for CFCC ConEd, each Meditation Monday is going to be a progressive guide on “How to Meditate” and what the benefits of adding a regular meditation practice into your life truly are.

My running is back on track now and I’m ending my first 6 weeks of glute training, so I’m going to add more sets and also spend May focusing on some more CORE training. Expect some serious Tone It Up Tuesday posts with yoga poses that help strengthen the glutes and core.

I plant to write at last 3 times each week, so I’m going to guarantee at least one other post each week: Fave Reads Friday. I’m constantly reading and I’m about to finish (hopefully tonight) a book I’ve been working on for almost 3 weeks. I still have a stack of others to finish and it’s going to be a priority over the two weeks I’m not teaching at CFCC.

Finally, a few updates from my 30 Days Resolutions. I got my CPR renewed last month and I’m hoping to get Wellness Coach certified this month in order to renew my PT certification which is up this month. If not, I will be doing some other online CEC courses to finish up my last few credits this time around. I will still be working on other professional development opportunities including prepping a workshop for the Fall Inservice Training at CFCC. And hopefully by the end of June I will have some business cards to start handing out at workshops I attend.

And, did I mention I have picked a race for the fall? I decided on a 15k (9.3 miles) that is also an Oktoberfest run with a really cool finisher’s medal. I’ve already asked my friend Gina to complete it with me, so now I have added motivation not to back out. I may also ask another friend that does half-marathons if she’d like to join us. Stay tuned for confirmation of my registration and my full training plan.

Welcome to MAY!

What’s your plan for this month?

Any races on your horizon?

How was the end of your April?