Meditation Monday #37 – How to Meditate: The 5 Kleshas

Ugh! What a weekend! I arrived home….to my house….around 4am and got the minimum 3 hours of sleep before my day started as usual. This is one trip that I’m not all that excited to write about. Instead I’ve decided to leave it in the past and move right back into Meditation Monday!

How is meditation going for you these days? Mine is a little strained. I started thinking about how hard meditation can be for some people. For some it’s the sitting still, for others the quiet, for yet others the being alone with their thoughts that gets them. If you read back to the first four posts on How to Meditate you learn a lot about how easy it can be to start small. But, what happens when we’ve been working at it for awhile and we can’t seem to find the answers we’re seeking?

In the last few segments of this series we’ve talked about the Four Aims of Life, but there’s something that can get in the way of understanding and living your path and that is a Klesha. Continue reading “Meditation Monday #37 – How to Meditate: The 5 Kleshas”

Meditation Monday #14: Not Looking for Attention

Friday I cleaned the shower, did all the laundry, and changed the sheets on our bed. Normally when I do something like this I will then take the time to show my husband all that I accomplished during the day. I will seek out the recognition for a job well done and the reward of praise for hard work that comes from another. This week, I didn’t. I instead, sat back and just let it be. I felt fulfilled in the knowledge of what I had done and how accomplished I felt…..on my own.

I had a change of heart about one of my resolutions….to an extent. Instead of seeking out fame and recognition, I plan to take a more yogic approach. Continue reading “Meditation Monday #14: Not Looking for Attention”