2019 Wellness Wednesday Reset

I’m not making 2019 a year of anything right now. I am just trying to let life flow, but I feel like a blog still needs structure and a predictable format. So, I want to still do Wellness Wednesdays (and eventually alternate them with Workout Wednesdays). In 2018 I tried really hard to focus on my wellness and I did a great job of learning more about myself and standing up for things that made me well from time to time. This year I’m continuing that trend and stacking my wellness bit by bit. My body may not be a bank account, but I am definitely investing in my wellness.

So far I have been consistent in working out for the past 7 days. I had started a new routine before Christmas and quickly put it on hold that day. Why? Because I chose not to stress about my physical wellness at that time. Wellness means so many things that I needed to make sure that I was giving the correct balance to the areas that needed it during that time. I took Christmas Day off and then drove to Iowa the following days and spent time with family and drove back after the New Year. Then, the day after I returned….I started back up again.

Another area of wellness that I am working on this year is being more financially well. I have stopped using my credit card for anything that’s not A- work related for which I will be reimbursed or B- a serious emergency that I can’t cover at the moment. Knock on wood, but B hasn’t happened in a LONG time. Unfortunately, A hasn’t been happening as much lately either. Stopping credit card spending isn’t the only area I’m venturing into in this category, but I’ll write more about my attempts at #adulting as I go along.

My mental wellness is an area that was in major turmoil from about September 2017 until just recently. Mental wellness encompasses so many of the dimensions of wellness that it’s hard to define just one way of making yourself well. For me, as a fitness professional, it also has a lot to do with my physical fitness and my intellectual stimulation. If I’m not moving and not learning new things, then I suffer.

In the coming weeks I begin teaching Wellness Lectures again. I hope to keep pushing forward past just the posts on Moving, Self-Love, and Breathing that I’ve already written and to watch my wellness continue to grow this year.

Which parts of your wellness will you invest in this year?

OGB….Not Just for Women

Did you know that Yoga, this magical fitness craze, has been going on for over 5000 years? Did you know that in that time women have only been “cleared” to participate for the last 100-ish years?

The new semester for me starts in 8 days and I always look forward to seeing the new faces in my class. Especially the guys! Why? Because yoga as a practice started with men and I think it’s awful that women have put themselves up on a yoga pedestal and made it exclusive in many ways. I think it stinks that we make it exclusive to thin, able bodied, affluent women.

So, the next few days, OGB is about men’s health, fitness, yoga, Pilates, and stretching. Continue reading “OGB….Not Just for Women”

Fave Reads Friday #5: 4 F’s in May

I’m not quite done with my book I’m currently reading, but thought instead that I’d share some of my favorite reads so far this month from my blog roll in the manner of four F’s:

Female Post:

This one is for all the moms out there, because it’s Mother’s Month in my eyes!

Mommy Shorts: JetBlue Awards Passengers Every Time a Baby Cries

Fitness Post:

The article everyone is talking about…..

New York Times: After “The Biggest Loser” Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight

Food Post:

I have two things on my “To make” list by Monique at Ambitious Kitchen….they will appear on my What I Made Wednesday posts in the next few weeks, but you might like to try them before I do (so this one gets double billing).

Ambitious Kitchen: Baked Sweet Potato Donuts with Dark Chocolate and Coconut

Ambitious Kitchen: Broccoli & White Cheddar Quinoa Mac and Cheese (really an April post)

Funny Post:

Really anything by The Bloggess is HILARIOUS! But I liked this one best so far (I’m kind of behind in my reading online as well…)

The Bloggess: My nose is an asshole. But not literally. Thank God.


What’s the best post you read this week?

Want to share one of your own?

Do so in the comments below! I’ll read it!