New Shoes!

Happy Friday to All!

Yesterday I read this post about changing your shoes

When Should You Replace Your Fitness Shoes

and the timing couldn’t have been better because guess what arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon?

My 1st Birthday Present!

Hard to see, but my kids drew hearts all over the box for me before I opened it.

It was my new running shoes that I had ordered over the weekend at a sweet price from Running Warehouse. (not a sponsored post) I used to order shoes from them all the time because they have great prices and selection. I’m the kind of person who likes to stick with the same shoe for awhile……although you wouldn’t know it since this is my fourth pair of runners since starting the blog.

Good-Bye Old Friends

2015 Road Shoe of the Year

But I went back to being a creature of habit this time around…..

Same shoe….different color

As you can see here….my old Fresh Foam Zante 1980 (year I was born….coincidence? I think not!) 20160909_132322had some serious wear to them. While my MapMyRun Gear Tracker says I still have 107 miles left on them, they’re only accounting for my logged miles and not the ones I walked around everywhere else.

So, this month I will be slowly transitioning out of the blue pair and into the purple pair. I ran this morning in the old shoes and will wear the new ones around the house for the next week before they get debuted. They also won’t be the ones I do the 5k in later this month. I mean, my birthday isn’t until the end of September so I’m not really even supposed to have them yet…..right?


Where do you buy your shoes?

How often do you change them out?

How do you go about transitioning to a new pair?

easy inversionDay 9 Yoga – After sun salutations all morning I am spending 5 minutes in Easy Inversion aka Legs Up the Wall pose for some much needed relaxation.

Crushing It!

I love that my Fitness Flashbacks from MapMyRun always tell me that I “crushed” something. Like I’m some kind of fitness giant who pounded the road into submission and tiny little pebbles remained behind my massive footprints. HAHAHAHAHA!

Maybe it’s not normal blog etiquette to write out your laughs like a maniacal scientist who just flipped the switch on your latest creation, but I’m having a good day….so, RULES BE DAMNED! Why such a good day? Well, because I actually got out of bed and ran….again! Continue reading “Crushing It!”

TOLT #39 – Throwback Thursday: Always a Runner and Fashions of the Eighties

If you haven’t been there yet, please click over and take my Runners’ Survey. But for today I want to do a quick Throwback Thursday and link up with Amanda for another TOLT!

80s runnerThis is me at the end of a 1 mile fun run in the 80’s. Dig the outfit? I did. I just had to have it and it’s one of the few times I can remember my mom actually indulging in buying me something new for the sole purpose of a single event. Now, I totally went on to wear that same outfit all summer long, but I had to have it just for that day’s race. It got me thinking more about my gear and how I really love certain things like Agnes and my New Balance socks for run days. And thinking about this got me more excited for my run tomorrow morning. It’s almost Easter and I may or may not get a new outfit for this weekend, but I’m still stoked about my current gear!

What is your favorite run finish photo?

Did you ever have to have an outfit?

What was the worst fashion choice in your past?

What’s your favorite gear now?

Running Around the Web

I meant for this post to appear on Thursday as part of Amanda’s TOLT, but just didn’t get it together in time, so here it is for a Sunday….

Things Running Around the Webnew shoes 1

  1. Thinking about balance and running as one: Stronger in the Long Run: Muscle Imbalance and Memory I am planning a post on yoga for runners very soon.
  2. Shoes that keep my mileage for me? THIS SHOE SYNCS WITH
    UA MAPMYRUN I am still making strides in my New Balance, but they’re getting close to the end of their life.
  3. And speaking of MapMyRun…..Check out my runs this week here. I am finally back on track!
  4. Did you know that signing up for MapMyRun has benefits with Under Armour (it’s parent company)? I am not sponsored by either, but recently I received $40 off of a $100 or more order just by being a member. I don’t plan to use mine, but the first follower to email me can have my code. It’s only good until March 4th, sign up today at and receive these special offers in your inbox!
  5. Music for your run: 24 great running songs that don’t show up on lists of great running songs
  6. Running and sport of any kind for all women: Help me raise money to support female athletes in Afghanistan
  7. More gear…sort of: Say “No” to Leakage! Period Panties for Athletes
  8. And to make it an even number….re-read my post on progressive overload in running from last Monday: 110%

What’s your best link on running to share this week?

Any running milestones to celebrate?


TOLT #35 – Musings of the Week

It’s Thursday and I’m behind on posting for this week. Technically I haven’t even written anything new for all of February which means I’m falling behind on a few of my resolutions. But, in the true spirit of and Thank You to Amanda for hosting as usual…here is a list of random musings from this week.

  1. Thoughts on the smell of college boys: Have you ever noticed that college boys come in two scents? I teach at a community college and yesterday, as I was walking through the hallways I was stuck in the scent of several different guys walking through and their cloud of cologne. UGH! Why so much?! Well, it’s probably because the other option is the stench that college age (and high school age) guys emit. Yeah….I decided to catch the elevator in a quick trip to grab more cleaning wipes for my class so that no one gets MRSA from yoga class and could tell that some of the guys on that ride could have used a shower….and some deodor
  2. Speaking of made up workouts: I ran on Tuesday, not a usual run day for me, and I forgot to check the wheels on the stroller before we rolled out! It sucked. It was also very windy on my run, I had over dressed, and I was not able to come close to my goal time. I am still one run short on a particular course before I move on. Moral of the story? Check your gear.
  3. ant….and maybe a huge cloud of cologne. It’s kind of lose/lose.
  4. Getting off schedule: I hate to plan my week and then have everything go a muck! Monday I couldn’t get out of bed to run at 530am. I figured I could wait another hour and then run while my hubby was getting ready for work. However, the little one then threw up on me around that early morning time and I knew the run was gone for the day. I made up my run on Tuesday…with him in the stroller instead. I feel like my whole week is off now because of skipping that one early morning alarm. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s Thursday!
  5. A20160204_153859nd on the topic of new gear: I got something new! It wasn’t a purchase…per se, but it is new to me and something from my list. Thank you to my amazing company for providing me a Christmas gift off of my 2016 Gear Wish List without even knowing it. I wore this jacket all weekend while I taught and then again for this run. It wasn’t the right time to wear it, but it will get another “run” tomorrow morning.
  6. More gear updates: I used my jump rope on Wednesday night! I have been putting off using it for running, but Wednesday morning I was still off and couldn’t fathom another run so quickly with 6 hours of yoga ahead of me. So, I waited until evening and decided to jump. I did short bouts to get back into the habit and lasted about a total of 10 minutes. Not bad for my first try….I think. I learned two things during this little adventure. A: I have forgotten how to single jump and B: Jump ropes hurt when they hit you. Every time I tried to get my revolutions up so I could just single instead of double jump, I kept hitting the front of my feet and whipping the plastic around into the back of my arms. I had some nice whip marks last night. Thankfully, they have faded.

    I want to work on this workout from ACE; I’m beginner level.

That’s all for now. I didn’t make anything new this past week (the reason for no Wednesday post), but I did enjoy this….even if my family didn’t. Try it out and let me know what you think.

What’s on your mind?

TOLT #33 – Treat Myself

Day 20: Get the Gear I want this year!

I never told you, but I got my jump rope….FINALLY! It was free with my husband’s fit ball he bought for his office. He has back pain and we’re seeing if that, plus more yoga with me helps. But I got it and now I’m waiting for a rainy day to use it.

I have this habit of not getting things for myself that I want and sometimes even the things I need. This year I want to make myself more of a priority and get some things I am in need of and a few things I really want. First, a quick Thank You to Amanda at Running with Spoons for always sponsoring TOLT and allowing me a place to unload random things.

And now on to the main event: My 2016 Wish List

  1. 20160121_111121
    This was once a beautiful Fossil bag….

    A new purse. This and a few other things on my list have nothing to do with fitness, but they do have to do with me treating myself like a human being first and a mom second. I think a lot of moms do the same thing and let their kids take priority in the spending department. I mean kids are growing and need new clothes, shoes, and lots of food, diapers, etc. We want the best for them, but we should also take care of our selves from time to time….and this is one of those times. I mean, look at this thing! It’s 6 years old and has also served as a teether and a diaper bag. I think it’s time to upgrade.

  2. 20160121_111242
    I know, I have huge feet!

    A pair of skinny jeans. I’ve never owned a pair (at least not since they are back in style). For Christmas my in laws got me these really cute boots from Belk (a place I thought

    Is the inside of these not so adorable?

    I’d never shop) and they deserve a good pair of skinny jeans to wear them with. They are super comfortable and I currently only own 2 pair of jeans that I can get into, both were bought at consignment. The skinny jeans will probably follow suit.

  3. Cold weather running gear. I’ve written about this topic before and lately the weather has been shifting toward the icy side for my 530am runs. Then, last weekend (right before below freezing temps) I melted my running gloves. Yep….melted.
    My fingers can actually peek out of some of the tips.
    My fingers can actually peek out of some of the tips.

    They were a beautiful pair of Addidas running gloves that an old employer gave me as a Christmas present (I picked them out of a catalog for less than $XX). I’ve been loving those things ever since. But, last weekend I had to help my husband with a fire while we were out clearing part of his parent’s farm property and they were the only gloves I had on hand. I need some new ones as well as a pair of running tights (yoga capris are not the same as running tights) and probably a proper running jacket instead of always wearing my college fleece. I’m always open to suggestions of your favorites in this category.

  4. Hand weights. I’m in the phase where I’m starting to miss things at the gym and one of them is dumbbells. I’m not talking about getting the cute 3lb pink set that a lot of women keep at home to pretend like they’re going to use them while walking on the treadmill/clothes rack. I’m talking like a nice set of 10’s and 15’s to start with. I know I’m not ready for larger weights and I probably could use some 8’s and 5’s, but I’m going to start with just 2 sets as they’ll probably set me back a pretty penny…even at Play It Again Sports.
  5. Swim gear. Yep, I made the commitment to get back in the pool this year, so it means I need to gear up. I’m not even sure if I still fit into my swim suit as I haven’t put it on since November 2014!
  6. Runners. I will wear out my running shoes sooner than I can plan for, I’m sure. So, new running shoes will be on the agenda this year too.

Two things not on this list that are new for me this year are glasses and some kind of continuing education.

What are you treating yourself to this year?

What usually comes in front of “you” in your budget?

2015 Road Shoe of the Year

new shoes 1I finally did it folks; I picked a winner! According to this review I picked the 2015 Road Shoe of the Year as my free pair from New Balance Wilmington. My review on these shoes is long overdue and I preface this with the fact that these shoes were my payment for coaching the inMotion walking group along with the following other items: two kids’ pair of shoes (one for each child), a pair of men’s running shoes (for my husband), three pair of NB short socks in very bright colors, and a NB headband featured in my race recap photos.

However, all of the opinions about these shoes are my own and are not an endorsement for which I received any additional swag or commission.

Back in late August I went in to the New Balance store to get my new shoes for leading the inMotion walking group. If you recall, it had been a year since my last new pair of running shoes and I was in desperate need of some new ones! My last pair were a minimalist style of shoe and provided almost no cushion as I ran. I am not much of a pronator, but one foot has a slight tendency to roll inward as I lose form during normal fatigue. This has caused me some pain on the left anterior medial aspect of the knee. I was trying to avoid a stability shoe this time around for two reasons. First, I’ve found them to be too bulky for my tastes. Second, they unnecessarily push my right foot out as I run and that aggravates my hip dysplasia on that side. My new shoes had to be the best of all worlds.

new shoes 2I was recommended the Fresh Foam Zante and became sooo excited that it was offered in such a wide variety of colors. I ended up with the navy just because that particular pair had the best feel to my foot. There were a few pairs I tried on of the Zante that felt like I had a rock stuck under the lateral ball of my foot, but the navy pair suited me most. I have been running and walking in these shoes for about 2.5 months now with my first run taking place on September 3rd. (See all of my runs here.) In that time I’ve only logged 53 miles on the shoes from dedicated walking and running sessions, but I’ve also been wearing them on the regular.

I started wearing the shoes on a daily basis because I’ve found that the secure fit through the midsection of the shoe makes my extremely high arches feel stable throughout the day. It keeps my hip from acting up on days that I’ve overstretched in deep yoga sessions and provides the cushion necessary for both my hip and knee while running errands around town with the kids. Plus, they’re just so LIGHT! I feel like I’m not wearing them most of the time.

So, are there any negatives? Yes….for walking this shoe was not designed to take the beating that a walking shoe is meant to handle. The walks with the inMotion group would get tiring on my body if they were closer to the 3 mile range and  I was pushing their time. The mechanics of running and walking are so different that it really does make a difference in your shoe choice. At the end of the day my foot feels like it has been squeezed and I have to start to loosen the laces. The fit is great while I run, in that I never feel the need to double tie to prevent slippage, but over the course of many hours that starts to pinch the top of the foot and needs to be relieved. And finally, the navy color is great because it goes with almost anything I wear, but it can feel a little warm on a hot day running.

I have already recommended this shoe to three people. One was a total stranger I saw trying on the shoe in the New Balance store. I told her about my experience with a minimalist shoe before and how much I adored the light weight feel of these shoes as I run. They do not seem to inhibit my natural running pattern, but provide just the right amount of cushion to comfort my aging body. I recommend them to you as well if you are a moderate runner who has the need for some cushion in your shoe, but doesn’t need a lot of correction. I haven’t yet named this part of my gear, but they are truly my new besties when it comes to training. My MapMyRun Gear Tracker says I still have 347 miles of life in these shoes, so I look forward to lacing them up in the morning and hitting the streets while the big guy is off at preschool. Check in tomorrow as I’ll let you know all about my experiences in Anderson, SC last week via a TOLT post.

What’s on your feet these days?

What special needs do your shoes require?


As you may or may not remember, I have been in search of a new sports bra (Adventures in Breastfeeding Part Two; Gear for 2015; Gear for the Ladies)….and yesterday this beauty arrived at my doorstep.

I didn’t save up enough money of late to purchase the bra I’d been hoping for from Title 9, but I was able to afford this dandy hot pink number from Under Armour thanks to a bonus $20 off for “crushing it” over at MapMyFitness.

So, I haven’t had a chance to run in the new bra yet (that’s happening later today), but there are already some things that I like and dislike about this bra. The first thing that I like about it is that it feels extremely secure. I’ve been wearing it around all day to get a feel for it and it fits like a new glove…but not the OJ type. It’s comfortable and isn’t padded. The shape of the bra cups is nice and I don’t feel the zipper at all. I took the kiddos to the beach today and chased them around without second thought of what I was wearing. Plus, while it was the only color available in the clearance section, it’s a rockin’ color in my book. Looks great!

ON THE OTHER HAND….the cut of the bra in front of the arm pit is a little awkward. It could just be my body shape, but it’s been rubbing me a little and I felt it from my first try on last night. I chose to wear the bra all day to see if it would loosen up and it doesn’t seem to bother me much, but last night it felt restrictive through the shoulders. I thought that I would not be able to do yoga in this bra, but still could run comfortably enough. I also got sleepy arms in it a little this morning. Also, the zipper is not the only closure apparatus, there is also an eye hook at the top of the zipper. While this made me feel like it wasn’t going to pop open, the zipper is a little tricky to zip up over a chest my size and once it was hooked, I had to reach inside to readjust.

My final complaint isn’t really about the bra itself, but about the sizing. I’m glad I went with my gut and ordered the size I knew I was instead of following their sizing guidelines. I find that same problem with a lot of bra sizing guides, so I suggest using your own discretion.

I’ll be taking to the streets later today for a test run and will report back in the future about how she does. Until then, I’m just enjoying the ability to feel secure and breathe!

Have you ever worn the Under Armour Protege?
Do you have difficulty finding a good sports bra?
Do you use the sizing chart when shopping or go with your gut?

*This is not a sponsored post, but if you’d like me to review your products, please email me via the “Contact Me” form to the right.*