My Assessment Results – Wellness Inventory

Another New Start? I've written almost every January 2 since I started this blog 4 years ago on this same day. Usually my first post of the year is all about resolutions and starting over etc. This year is's about continuing my progress of self-discovery and journey of wellness. I've chosen, this year, to …

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TOLT – Habits at Home and Away

I've been thinking more and more about my habits and how they're effected by differing situations. Like how it's so much easier for me to run when I know that I have a race I'm training for or someone to show up to run with. Location also seems to have an impact on my habits.....but …

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Happy Halloween! This would be a fancier post if I weren't sitting in my car, waiting for my youngest to be done with preschool for the day.  But it is what it is.... Today has been a relatively great day so far. I taught all three of my classes in a Halloween themed boot camp …

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