Wellness Wednesday #8 – Health as a Habit

Blogging has been something lately that has been put on the back burner. I’m currently reading a book by Rachel Hollis (see a future Fave Reads Friday post) that reminded me that if this is something that makes me happy, it should be a priority in my life. So, just like I’m working on making my training more of a priority, so too will the blog be again. Continue reading “Wellness Wednesday #8 – Health as a Habit”

Fave Reads Friday #7 – Reading List 2017

Happy Friday Everyone! I haven’t done a Fave Reads Friday post in quite some time, but it’s something I want to do more regularly in 2017. Last year I did a great job of reading a lot of books, but that left a lot of unread magazines. This year I already know I will be doing some reading for work, so I’ve planned to scale back on the book reading some and spend more time clearing out magazines and emails and sharing with you what I learn. So, here’s my Reading List for 2017: Continue reading “Fave Reads Friday #7 – Reading List 2017”

Yoga is Not for Men and Other Yoga Lies

Like I said in my last post, Yoga is an over 5000 year old tradition that began with men….however now you see mostly women in the practice. Yoga is marketed to women as a weight loss tool, something fashionable to do, and a lifestyle of “Clean Eating”. I call BS on a lot of it!

My friend Sarrah sent me this link recently and I am sometimes so jaded about the fitness industry that I actually spent the first few minutes thinking that this guy was serious and not a spoof. What does that say about the quality of info out there?!

So, today I want to accomplish two things:

  1. Get rid of some of the myths about yoga
  2. Give the guys out there some yoga

Continue reading “Yoga is Not for Men and Other Yoga Lies”

TOLT: Fitness Gurus

Welcome to another Thursday linked up with Amanda at Running with Spoons! On Tuesday I spent the morning at the Children’s Museum with my boys and while they played I caught up on some reading. I am seriously behind on professional journals and wanted to start clearing out some old issues, but also making sure I didn’t miss anything that I thought was important. I tackled two issues that morning and will be sharing some thoughts on info contained in those over the next week or so. They were from clear back in 2014! This is a problem I’ve written about before in regards to emails and I’m still trying to workout a system between work, working out, writing here, and being a full time stay at home mom that will keep me up to date on these pieces of literature.

Okay, so now that that crazy long paragraph is out of the way, I’d like to touch on a subject that may be a little controversial in the blog society….Fitness Gurus and the inspiration was this IDEA Fitness Journal article by Amanda Vogel titled Cert By Selfie. In true TOLT fashion, here are three things I want to know after reading the article…. Continue reading “TOLT: Fitness Gurus”