Training Plan Tuesday #18 – Fit by Forty

I got this in my email last week:


Over the past 8 years I haven’t logged every workout I’ve ever done, but I surely logged a lot of them. I now regularly log pretty much every single workout I do accomplish. It made me think a little about my Fit by Forty plan.

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Race Report – My First Virtual Run

I never did post anything last fall about the 15k that I struggled through and finished. It was uneventful and disappointing in so many ways that I guess it’s why I never posted. Then, I moved straight into training for my half marathon that was going to happen in April…..but Coronavirus happened instead. So, I shifted gears again…..I started training with my 9yo for his 1 mile run for his school. This is the race that I have been on the race committee for for the past 3 years and helped with over all 4 years we’ve been at the school. It too was supposed to be in April…. Continue reading “Race Report – My First Virtual Run”

Training Plan Tuesday #13 – February 2020

It is warm out here…..I mean really warm for February! Yesterday, at the track, it was almost 70F! I think that a mild winter has helped me to be more on top of my training than I ever have before. However, I’ve also being trying to be mindful in my consistency and that means that I skipped a total of 8 days of exercise last month. I am now 5 days behind on my training plan that was revamped to include all of the workouts I had skipped last fall. REALLY, I’m still doing workouts from the beginning of January, so you choose…..5 days or 5 weeks behind, I’m still behind! Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #13 – February 2020”

Training Plan Tuesday #10 – August 2019

Writing about my monthly training is helping me to stay focused on it. However, I was in Iowa last week where the weather was beautiful and I didn’t have access to internet, so no post then. And now it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday, so I’m not sure it’s keeping me consistent on the blog. Take a look at what I did and what happens next… Continue reading “Training Plan Tuesday #10 – August 2019”