You Mean Pilates Was a DUDE?!

This is the third in a series of posts about Men’s Health and Fitness. I read some articles recently in the IDEA Fitness Journal that sparked this series of posts. Of what I read, one statement stuck out to me the most:

Before Anthony Dominici, a Los Angeles-based executive producer and filmmaker, discovered that Pilates was named after Joseph Pilates, he thought ‘pilates’ “sounded a little ‘light’ for a workout.”

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Yoga is Not for Men and Other Yoga Lies

Like I said in my last post, Yoga is an over 5000 year old tradition that began with men….however now you see mostly women in the practice. Yoga is marketed to women as a weight loss tool, something fashionable to do, and a lifestyle of “Clean Eating”. I call BS on a lot of it!

My friend Sarrah sent me this link recently and I am sometimes so jaded about the fitness industry that I actually spent the first few minutes thinking that this guy was serious and not a spoof. What does that say about the quality of info out there?!

So, today I want to accomplish two things:

  1. Get rid of some of the myths about yoga
  2. Give the guys out there some yoga

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OGB….Not Just for Women

Did you know that Yoga, this magical fitness craze, has been going on for over 5000 years? Did you know that in that time women have only been “cleared” to participate for the last 100-ish years?

The new semester for me starts in 8 days and I always look forward to seeing the new faces in my class. Especially the guys! Why? Because yoga as a practice started with men and I think it’s awful that women have put themselves up on a yoga pedestal and made it exclusive in many ways. I think it stinks that we make it exclusive to thin, able bodied, affluent women.

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