What is Yoga? – Guest Post

I truly never know what a student will write about when I give them the opportunity to reflect on a semester of yoga. Sometimes they tell about how little they connected with the practice of yoga. Other times they tell about how much they get out of it. It’s really only discovered when one delves deeply into their own honesty about what the practice really means….

Taking yoga for the first time, I was not sure what to expect at first because I have no experience in yoga. Ever since I was a little kid, I always had a general idea of what yoga was supposed to look like, and whenever I tried learning yoga, it never worked out in the end. In all honesty, I thought yoga would be a lot easier than having to take walking for fitness or health class. I assumed yoga would be less work to do, but I was wrong. To my surprise, yoga is very challenging. It takes hard work to learn, especially for me, because you must put a lot of physical and mental energy into recreating all the different types of yoga poses.

During this semester, I have learned that yoga is physical but mental as well. Also, when practicing yoga, you must remember that your mind and body must stay connected with the movements to keep yourself balanced. In taking this course, I have grown a lot more physically and mentally by trying my best to learn the yoga poses and getting myself out of my comfort zone. After this class is over, I intend to use yoga by teaching my close friends and family at home. I plan to keep yoga alive by regular attending yoga classes around the Wilmington area. Overall, I had an enjoyable experience while taking this course. I want to say a big thanks to Mrs. P. for being a yoga instructor at Cape Fear and for being able to teach us life lessons through this enjoyable experience. Thanks to her, I have learned lots of new things in this class, and I hope to continue practicing yoga.

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Opening the Bottle – Guest Post

Have you been there? Were you the type of person who was too tough for yoga? I was. Sometimes my students resist yoga because they believe that it’s too easy. Others come to the practice hoping for that ease and learn a lot more about their strength. Sometimes the strength is not in the body itself….

Starting off in the class, I thought that it was just going to be easy and something that I could easily breeze through. I believed that coming to this class would relax my inner mind and calm my soul. But oh was I wrong. I found out that yoga connects your mind and soul and it kinda made me take a deeper look into my life and into the things I needed to change. It helped me grow with not only my flexibility but as a person that is now in touch with the outside world. I thought that yoga would just have helped me with being able to touch my toes but it did more than that when it showed me another part of the world. I have learned multiple things about myself in yoga. One of the largest things is that I need to listen to myself. So many times I have pushed through pain and suffering mentally and physically and that made me in a worse state than I already was. Yoga really showed me that it’s okay to hurt and it’s okay to let those feelings free. It taught me not to keep things so bottled up and on my chest.

In the future I will probably not practice yoga on a daily basis. Mostly because it makes my joint hurt. But I think I am going to keep in my mind the practices that I learned about connecting with my inner body. I have become more aware of myself and the people around me. The most important thing to me is that I have become more happier with myself and learned not to be so upset all time. Yoga has made me grow and taught me new things that I would have never imagined. I am so forever grateful for the experience I got to have with my friends of feeling the opening and connection of the heart and soul but also seeing them perform ridiculous poses. Until next time, Namaste.


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You Mean Pilates Was a DUDE?!

This is the third in a series of posts about Men’s Health and Fitness. I read some articles recently in the IDEA Fitness Journal that sparked this series of posts. Of what I read, one statement stuck out to me the most:

Before Anthony Dominici, a Los Angeles-based executive producer and filmmaker, discovered that Pilates was named after Joseph Pilates, he thought ‘pilates’ “sounded a little ‘light’ for a workout.”

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