Four Days in July

I broke my streak as soon as my friend came to visit. This was partially my own fault and partly because of weather. I had four days in July where I just didn’t run at all….and two of them were long runs that I sacrificed for fun. See, I find it hard to get up at 6am to run alone in the pouring down rain and lightning. I think that makes me a good balance of push and relax. Although, I couldn’t get motivated to go out and run in the evenings either…..after a long day at the beach or anything else we did.

I intentionally skipped my long run on Saturday morning because we were supposed to do a 15 mile bike ride and climb a light house….but that was a miserable disaster of a day that has left me with major regrets. I could’ve gone for a bike ride or a long run on Sunday when I was alone for a few hours, but couldn’t find the motivation and the rain came in spurts again and again.

I am thankful that my running partner is back and that I’m back in training mode as of Monday. However, I am already finding today to be a motivational disaster….It’s TRACK DAY and I have not yet found a track to run at. There’s always the question of what to do with the kids while I’m doing a track run. And, it’s not a partner run day, so it makes my motivation drop even further.

I don’t have a streak planned for August, but I have gone back to using my planner and keeping up with that may be enough of a streak as school gets back in session. I am looking to the rest of you:

What do you do when your motivation is down and yet you really want to accomplish something?

What are your tips and tricks?

Workout Wednesday #3 – Intermediate Yoga Flow

So, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I had a total brain lapse as to what day yesterday was…. to re-iterate what The Bloggess had to say this week:

This week is hard, y’all.

Just imagine it’s still Wednesday…..

After a great start via this weekend, I have fallen down a little. I chose not to do my HIIT workout on Monday (I’m doing it Friday instead) because I knew I’d taught all weekend and was going to Defy Gravity on Tuesday to jump my heart out….and I did. Plus, I attempted several different elements on the Ninja Warrior course and almost dunked a basketball on the warp wall trampoline. And today I’ve skipped my run in favor of tomorrow’s long day of yoga (I’m going for a long run Saturday instead). This has also left me with low motivation for making you a new workout video, so I thought I’d share one that’s “old”, but new to the blog:

Remember that you should only work within the limits of what your body can reasonably do without being guided directly by an instructor. Hope you enjoy and Namaste!

How is your week shaping up?

Motivational Monday Morning – Women Runners

I lay in bed hearing the alarm going off across the room. I hear my husband roll over and the familiar loud click as he’s snoozed it for himself. And he grumbles, “Go run,” bluntly and matter of fact. He’s not a morning person. Neither am I. I lay there for awhile longer knowing a few things…’s 6:30am and our youngest is in the bed between us. He crawls in there every night despite all of the things we’ve tried. Our oldest is out in the living room playing, chipper, excited that tomorrow is his first day of Kindergarten. And I’m laying in bed on the morning of my last long morning run for awhile.

So, I roll out of bed and start to gather my stuff….. Continue reading “Motivational Monday Morning – Women Runners”