Fave Reads Friday #7 – Reading List 2017

Happy Friday Everyone! I haven’t done a Fave Reads Friday post in quite some time, but it’s something I want to do more regularly in 2017. Last year I did a great job of reading a lot of books, but that left a lot of unread magazines. This year I already know I will be doing some reading for work, so I’ve planned to scale back on the book reading some and spend more time clearing out magazines and emails and sharing with you what I learn. So, here’s my Reading List for 2017: Continue reading “Fave Reads Friday #7 – Reading List 2017”

Day 7 – Loving My Leg Day!

Today is my 7th straight day of Yoga! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read here to find out:

30 Days of Yoga

Yesterday I spent some serious time in Wide Leg Forward Bend or Standing Straddle Fold. The pose has a million English names. In Sanskrit it’s Prasarita Padottanasana “prah-sar-ee-ta-pah-doe-than-ah-sa-na“. image-120While there I was contemplating a lot of things, but especially saying to myself….Don’t Judge. But mostly I was feeling my hamstrings and noticing that as I hold the pose for awhile I begin to get weak in the knees…..or rather weak in my holding of the knees. You’re supposed to be long and strong in the legs, but soft in the knees. It’s confusing to be almost fully extended in the knees, but not locked out and I often start to sag.

When I was done with my five minutes of thinking about the quote from yesterday and reminding myself not to judge myself or others, I immediately thought something positive about my legs Continue reading “Day 7 – Loving My Leg Day!”