Zante 3 – Arctic Fox!

Look at what I got on Sunday! After months of shopping around for the "right price" I finally found a price that I could at least stomach. They arrived Sunday afternoon and I had been waiting all weekend to take them for a spin. A few things that are different about my new pair of …

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New Shoes!

Happy Friday to All! Yesterday I read this post about changing your shoes When Should You Replace Your Fitness Shoes and the timing couldn't have been better because guess what arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon? My 1st Birthday Present! It was my new running shoes that I had ordered over the weekend at a …

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Crushing It!

I love that my Fitness Flashbacks from MapMyRun always tell me that I "crushed" something. Like I'm some kind of fitness giant who pounded the road into submission and tiny little pebbles remained behind my massive footprints. HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe it's not normal blog etiquette to write out your laughs like a maniacal scientist who just …

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