Currently December 2016

I’m back! Well, sort of. I’ve been away from my blog for a full month now. Why? By choice mostly….I’ve chosen to prioritize other things that I had going on. Also, because I’m pretty sure that I’m suffering from a little holiday depression. It’s almost the end of the year and a lot of people are looking back at their 2016 and reveling in the things they’ve accomplished. Others are looking forward to what will happen in 2017. I am in a third group…..somewhat less optimistic and trying to wrap my head around what comes next.

See, I didn’t accomplish everything I hoped to do as far as my 30 Days goals went. I even tried scaling back on numerous occasions. I tried to maintain a fitness streak through the holidays and had to abandon that due to my unwillingness to run in this cold this year. Yet, I don’t quite feel like a failure. I determined awhile back that this would be the year of self study….Svadhyaya. And I’ve learned a lot about myself this year, so check that off the list!

And the summary of it all is this….I am one girl, aged 36, on a mission to live the best life I can and to instill in my children the best confidence and values that I can while I am here. I am not perfect, nor do I aspire to be. I am a fitness professional who sometimes struggles to make exercise a priority. I am a yoga teacher who sometimes yells and loses it. I am me….I am still here….taking it one breath at a time; and I will be for some time more.

So, 2016, Thank you for your service. And as for 2017 I’ve decided this:

Each day I will arise and say not “what needs to be done today?”, but rather, “what can I do?” and then I will do what I can and be happy with the results. I will strive for a more minimalist approach to expectations, work, and things that don’t give me joy. I will stop looking around at all of the unfinished and feeling guilty, but instead look at what has been done and feel successful.

How will you live your 2017? Which are you: The kind that looks back, forward, or stuck in between?

Thank you to Amanda for allowing me a place to dump my thoughts!

Struggling to Balance Alone

This is an unusual post for me, but something that touches on the patience that is cultivated through yoga and also of being a parent. My oldest started Kindergarten this year and since that time I am struggling with my youngest to teach him some independence of play. I don’t know why this is such a struggle this year as Ike was in Preschool twice a week last year, but it is. I find myself constantly needing to entertain the little guy and if I don’t he lays around on the floor with his lovey looking sad and pathetic.

This is what I see if I say,
This is what I see if I say, “Play by yourself for a few minutes.”

It got me thinking today (and this was not my original post plan for the day) about what it means to be independent in life, your practice, your beliefs, and the patience that you need to have with yourself for exactly that. And also that I need to call out to other parents to ask… do you teach a 3yo to play alone?! Continue reading “Struggling to Balance Alone”